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On Location



A look at some frequently visited locales






Blackthorne Mansion

Orginally built by Jonas Lamont in the early 1900's, this enormous estate in the Hollywood Hills was purchased by James Blackthorne in the early 1980's and has been home to many over the years. Houses an intricate set of secret passageways that connect many different parts of the house.  


Jordan Rydell's House

Jordan sits in the lap of luxury in this enormous home nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills.  Has been home to Suzanne, Heather, Benji, and Lola Lamont after the Actors Retirement Village perished in a fire.  





A concept originated by Royce Jenner before his death, David took the project to completion.  This beachside resort consists of a high-rise hotel, individual cabins, tennis courts, swimming pools, a marina, and several restaurants.  

Sunset Studios

The home base of the Blackthornes' business ventures. Situated on acres of prime Hollywood real estate, this complex of sound stages and studio lots attracts millions of visitors a year.  




Alex's Condo

Alex moved into this efficient high-rise condominium after selling her beach house in Malibu to cover debts to the government for an arms scandal gone wrong.  

The Yacht Club

Meeting place for scandelous business deals and lazy afternoons over drinks.  


Brett's Condo



Brett's Condo

Brett enjoys the life of a bachelor in this swanky condominium in Marina Del Rey.  


Merteul Industries

Conglomorate owned by Renee Merteuil who inherited this big business dynasty from her late father, Charles.  Owns interest in oil, shipping, and real estate.




Hotel Terranova

Miranda's posh hotel that burned to the ground during the earthquake of 2009.


David's House

David owns this modest home in Malibu with picturesque views of the Pacific.






Police Station

At one time or another, everyone winds up here either visiting or in more of a permanent capacity.  




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