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Episode 51


Release Date:  January 28, 2007

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Miranda confronted Brett about his lies.  Brett vowed to hold on to his marriage and his position in Hollywood, but later slept with his secretary.  Renee prevented Kenny from seeing Sierra at Hotel Terranova.  Heather told Stormy she'd been having blackouts, prompting him, James and Ethan to question Heather further about the night of the murder.  Miranda found dirt on the rim of Heather's nightgown and began putting two and two together. She later raced to the courthouse with Jordan just as Heather began to remember walking through the tunnels to Will's house that night and shooting him with James' gun.  




Episode 51

"The Way We Were"


Alex Reynolds rushed inside the police station in downtown Hollywood, her heels clicking repetitively on the tile floor.  She spotted James, Jordan and Stormy pacing the waiting area and bounded over to them in a huff.

Miranda called and told me to come down right away,” she said and looked around for her daughter.  “Where is she?”

“She went home to be with Michael,” Stormy replied and ran his hand over his tired face.  Heather’s in the interrogation room with Brandon and the assistant D.A.”

Alex noted the grief-stricken look on Jordan’s face and her heart sank.  She knew he was going through hell and all she wanted to do was reach out to him.  But knowing how strained their relationship had been, she decided to wait it out. 

“She really killed Will?” she finally asked.  “I can’t believe it.”

“Well I can,” Jordan announced, his hands dug deeply in his pockets.  “After what that man did to her…”

James cut him off and turned to Alex.  “Heather had been having blackouts.  She used the tunnels that night and went into Will’s house.  Apparently she found my gun and shot him.”

Again, Alex’s eyes met with Jordan’s and she fought the urge to go to him and comfort him.  They were separated and had said and done horrible things to each other.  Now none of that seemed to matter.  All she wanted was to take his pain away.

Moments later, Brandon emerged from the back and approached them with some trepidation.

“What did Littleton say?” Jordan asked hurriedly.

Brandon shook his head sorrowfully.  “They’re going to charge her with second degree homicide.”

“They can’t!” Stormy shouted.

“Why second degree?” Jordan asked.  “Thomerson hired a porn director to drug her and film her having sex against her will with two men.  It was justifiable homicide.  Any idiot could see that.”

“Not where the law’s concerned,” Brandon replied.  “She freely admits that she was in no danger when she went to his house.  It was not justifiable homicide.”

“Then it was self defense,” James ordered.

“Heather had the gun.  She didn’t even give him a chance.  She shot him and left the scene.  The only reason they’re not going for first degree murder is because she didn’t have the gun with her when she went to the house.”

“I want to see her,” Jordan said, clenching his fists angrily.  “I want to see my daughter.”

Brandon shook his head again.  “They’re booking her.  You can see her tomorrow.”

Alex felt her eyes sting with tears when she saw the look on Jordan’s face. 

“Look at it this way,” Brandon continued.  Brooke will be released in a matter of hours.  After the paperwork is processed they’ll…”

“Oh brilliant!” Jordan exclaimed and leveled a look of hated at James.  “His wife gets off but my daughter is locked up like a criminal!

James ignored his remark and looked at Stormy with frustration.  “There’s got to be something we can do.”

Jordan wrung his hands in frustration.  For the past week he'd been fortunate that Heather seemed to have blacked out the shooting.  He thought she would stay in the clear.  But she did remember and now she was in trouble.  After a moment of silence, he looked at them with conviction.  “Maybe there is something we can do,” he said.

Alex Reynolds

Minutes later, they were in Alex’s limo as it drove through rush-hour traffic.  Brandon glared at Jordan, Alex and James with disbelief and shook his head adamantly.

“I can’t in any way condone what you’re suggesting,” he said.   “It’s unethical, unfair, and totally illegal.  I could be disbarred just by being here listening to this conversation.”

“So plug your ears,” Stormy said from his spot beside his mother.  He tapped furiously at a laptop computer while Jordan looked on eagerly.

“Did you find anything on our friend the D.A?” he asked.

Stormy nodded with a smile.  “Littleton’s son applied to Harvard for the spring semester but it looks like he was denied a scholarship.”

“Anything else?” Alex asked while looking over his shoulder.

“They have a realtor looking at properties on the south coast.”

Brandon rubbed his aching head.  “Tapping into personal information is also a felony,” he said, then tried shifting out of his seat.  “We need to stop this car right now so I can get out.  I can’t hear any more of this.”

“Do you think it’s fair that Heather is facing a trial and jail time because she killed the man who practically ruined her life?” James asked irately.  “If she hadn’t done it someone else would have.  Hell, every one of us went to his house that night with the intention of killing him.”

Brandon rolled his eyes.  “But Heather was the one who killed him.  In the United States court system killers have to be punished.  Otherwise people would be going around shooting each other all the time.”

“This isn’t the United States court system, Brandon,” Alex said from behind a pair of large round sunglasses.  “This is Hollywood.  Nobody goes to jail here.”

The limo stopped alongside the curb by a large bank downtown and James threw the door open.  They got out and walked inside, immediately greeted by the bank president who knew three important customers when he saw them.

Miranda Blackthorne

Meanwhile, Miranda stood in the nursery at the Blackthorne mansion watching Michael sleep peacefully in his crib.  She smiled contently and thought back to how jealous she’d once been of her baby brother.  It seemed like so long ago, and now she couldn’t even remember what had gotten her so bent out of shape.  How could anyone be jealous of an innocent baby?

“I hope you’re getting some ideas,” said a voice from behind.

Miranda turned with a start and scowled when she saw Brett come up behind her.  “Ideas about what?” she asked with disgust.  The sight of her husband made her sick to her stomach.

“About us having a baby of our own,” he said slyly and reached out to her.  “I think you’d be a fantastic mother.”

Quickly, Miranda slapped his hand away and turned around to face him.  “I thought I made it clear that babies are not in our future, Brett,” she said in a rage.  “As a matter of fact, we have no future at all.  After everything you’d done how can you still think that I would want to have a baby with you?”

Determined to change her mind, Brett gave her his trademark bedroom eyes and inched closer to her.  “Babe, I love you.  Is there anything wrong with me wanting to start a family with you?  We’ve been married for two years.  We’re golden.”

She rolled her eyes.  “No, we are so far from golden it’s not even funny.”  She brushed past him and started to the bedroom door when he pulled her back.  “Let go of me!”

“I’m not going to let you give up on us, Miranda!”

“Well you should have thought of that before you bulldozed yourself through this family!” Miranda yelled, trying desperately to keep her voice down so as not to wake the baby.

“Everything I did was for us.  You have to believe that.”

Miranda looked at him with contempt and shook her head.  “I don’t have to believe anything you tell me.  Everything you said is a lie.”


“I want a divorce, Brett,” she exclaimed.  “As far as I’m concerned our marriage is over.”

With that, she turned and stormed out of the nursery.  Brett stood behind, devastated by the finality of her words.

After dinner with his wife at a high-priced restaurant in Beverly Hills, Ed Littleton stepped outside to hand the valet his ticket while his wife used the ladies room.  The young blonde valet skipped off to retrieve his Chrysler 300 and Ed stood by the curb.  Seconds later, a long black stretch limo pulled up and the driver hopped out to open the back door.

“Did you enjoy your dinner?” Alex asked from inside the car.

Littleton set his jaw and folded his arms.   “Miss Reynolds, if this is another plea for your step-daughter-“ he began.

“No, this is about your family,” Alex cut him off politely.   “Your son who needs money for college, your wife who wants that house in Palos Verdes...”

“How did you know about those things?”

Alex shrugged.  “It’s amazing what you can find on the internet,” she preened.  “I also found out how much an assistant district attorney makes in Los Angeles county.”

Littleton stepped forward to the curb.  “What is this all about?”

“Get in,” Alex said and slid over on the seat.

“Listen, if this is some kind of intimidation tactic, I could have you arrested.”

“Who’s intimidating you?” she asked.  “Just get in.  This will only take a second.”

With a sigh, Littleton climbed into the back seat where Jordan and James were waiting with an open briefcase containing stacks of hundred dollar bills.  He frowned and turned just as the driver shut the door.

“This could buy three houses in Palos Verdes,” Alex said.  “And a pretty decent education for your son.  You can’t tell me that an assistant district attorney can afford any of those things, Ed.”

He looked at them with disbelief.  “Are you trying to bribe me?”

“What do you think?” Jordan asked and brought the briefcase full of money closer to him.  “All you have to do is change my daughter’s charge to self defense and you’ll be more popular with your family than Santa Claus.  Just think of what a wonderful anniversary present for your wife you could buy.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Littleton said in astonishment.  “I could have you thrown in jail for the rest of your lives for this stunt.”

“But you won’t,” James said and picked up one of the bundles of money.  He flipped the bills between his thumb and forefinger and gave Littleton a mischievous grin.

Brooke Taylor

An hour later, Leilani opened the front door of the Blackthorne mansion and stood clear as James led Brooke inside the foyer.  Behind them, Jordan, Alex, Stormy and Heather followed closely.  They were all greeted with exuberance by Miranda and Brett.

“Welcome home,” Brett gushed and gave Brooke a quick squeeze.  His eyes darted past Heather’s and he remained poised.  “You too, Heather.”

“It’s wonderful to be home,” Brooke said, a little more than surprised when Miranda came up and hugged her warmly.

“We’re glad to have you back,” Miranda said, surprising herself by not choking on the words.  But before the moment could linger on for too long, she turned and put her arm around Heather.  “I can’t believe the D.A. dropped the charges.  What happened after I left today?”

Jordan winked and gave Alex and James an appreciative nod of his head.  “He said it was obviously self-defense, so who could argue with him?”

“Heather gets six months of probation because she didn’t come forward sooner, but other than that she’s home free.  We can leave this whole nightmare behind us,” James said and gave Heather a tender smile.

“Well I don’t think she should have even gotten that,” Stormy insisted.  “She blocked the whole thing out.  It wasn’t her fault she couldn’t come forward sooner.”

Heather shook her head as she stood at Miranda’s side.  “No, I’m just thankful that the D.A. reduced the charges.  I think I can handle six months of probation.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you can stay out of trouble for that long,” Brett said with a grin, then quickly recoiled with regret when dagger-like stares came at him from every direction.  It seemed that he couldn’t say or do anything anymore without stepping on someone’s toes.

The tense moment was interrupted when the faint sounds of a restless baby carried from the top landing.  Everyone turned and looked up the stairs where Ethan was holding Michael in his arms, looking down at Brooke with anticipation.

“My sweet baby,” Brooke whispered, covering her mouth and crying happily.  She walked toward the staircase and looked into Ethan’s eyes for a brief second before she took Michael from him and held him gently in her arms.

James came up behind her and smiled happily, placing a hand on her shoulder and watching mother and child reunite tenderly.

Brooke cradled Michael against her bosom, looking at Ethan and then at James with tears in her eyes.  She knew what lied ahead but she didn’t care.  For right now all that mattered was that she was finally free and her baby was home where he belonged.

Jasmes Blackthorne

Later that night, James stepped out of the bathroom in his and Brooke’s bedroom and scouted around for her.  Tying the belt around his robe, he walked to the nursery next door and found her rocking Michael in her arms while sitting in a rocking chair.  Pausing in the doorway, he smiled and stared with admiration.  Even after everything Brooke had been through she was still a hundred percent there for their baby.

After a few minutes, Brooke finally looked up and smiled at James.  “When did you sneak in?” she asked while stroking Michael’s hair.

“Not too long ago.  I was just thinking about what a perfect picture this would be.”  He walked forward and knelt down beside her.  “Everything is just as it should be.”

Brooke kissed him and then continuing rocking Michael in her arms.  “James,” she began thoughtfully.  “How did you really get the D.A. to drop the charges against Heather?  I saw you and Jordan and Alex in a pretty intimate huddle earlier tonight.  What did the three of you do?”

James smiled and stroked his hand along her cheek.  “We did what we had to do,” he said, relieved that it had been so easy to bribe Littleton into dropping the charges.  A few million dollars between the three of them was a small price to pay for Heather’s freedom.  After all, it was partially his fault that Heather got involved with Will in the first place.

Deciding to trust that her husband did the right thing over the mysterious turn of events, Brooke stood up and placed Michael back in his crib.  She turned and put her arms around him warmly.

“I just want things to go back to normal,” she said, staring into his eyes.   “I want us to start that life we wanted so badly.”

“We will,” James assured her, stroking his hand down the back of her head.  “It’s a new year.  I already have everything I could ever want.”

Stormy Blackthorne

Down the hall, Stormy laid on his bed in a pair of tight pink boxers, staring at the ceiling and thinking about the day’s events.  Strangely enough, he didn’t feel a bit guilty about the way they’d bribed the assistant D.A.  Some might call it a miscarriage of justice, but if Heather had spent one day in jail for killing Thomerson it would have been far worse of a crime.

His thoughts were interrupted when a light knocking at the door caught his attention.  He stood up and opened the door, surprised to see Heather standing in the hallway.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said with a faint smile.

Stormy took her hand and led her into the bedroom.  “Do you want me to tell you a story like I used to when we were first married?” he joked, amazed at how wholesome and refreshed she looked.  It was obvious that the past few weeks had weighed on her severely.

Laughing, Heather sat down in a chair beside the bed and crossed her legs.  She looked at him seriously and felt a tear well up in her eye.   “Shouldn’t I feel something?”

“What do you mean?”

She shrugged.  “I killed a man in cold blood.  I don’t even feel that bad about it.  I mean, I realize that it was wrong and I would like to think that if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have gone to his house that night.  But I just can’t seem to feel anything.”

Stormy sat down on the bed and took her hand in his.  “You will,” he said softly.  “And when you do, I’ll be right here for you to lean on.”

His words were more comfort that she could have hoped for.  Putting her arms around him, she was suddenly taken back to earlier times when they were happy and in love.  So much had happened since then.  But right now she was caught up in the moment and she began to feel that maybe they would find their way back to each other.  Stormy had been so kind and attentive since this whole mess started.  How could she help but fall in love with him all over again?

“Thanks,” she said and ran her hand down his bare back.  “I’ll probably take you up on that."

“What are ex-husband’s for?” Stormy asked with a grin and stood up.  “Now, how about we go down to the kitchen and get some milk and some of Leilani’s banana bread and play some PS3.”

The invitation wasn’t quite was Heather had in mind, but she accepted it happily.  After all, there was plenty of time to work on getting close again.  She put her arm through his and followed him down the stairs to the kitchen.

Hotel Terranova

Across town at Hotel Terranova, Jordan sat at the bar in the lounge, listening to the elegant melody from the piano as he drowned his sorrows in whiskey.   Why he needed to was beyond him.  He’d just performed a miracle in getting Heather off the hook for killing that slime ball Will Thomerson.  He should be on top of the world.  But the state of his relationship with Alex was like a cloud of gloom that hung over his head.  Despite the horrible things she’d done to him, he still loved her and wanted her so badly.  Being separated was harder than he had anticipated.

“Mind if I have a seat?” a voice called from beside him.

When Jordan looked up he was surprised to see Renee DeWitt standing there, a picture of beauty with her curly black hair cascading loosely around her shoulders and a low cut gown that draped beautifully around her figure.

“By all means,” he said and pulled a chair out for her.  “What brings you out tonight?  Couldn’t sleep either?”

Sighing, Renee ordered a martini and folded her hands in front of her.   “This is a big hotel, but even bigger when you’re alone,” she said.  “What’s your excuse?”

Jordan smiled and paid for her drink.  “Just have a lot on my mind,” was his casual response.  He lifted his glass to hers and offered a toast.  “I was sorry to hear about you and Kenny.”

“I’m not,” Renee said and stirred her drink with her skewered olives.  “It’s funny, isn’t it?  You think that when you get to be a certain age that you’ve got everything figured out.  Your career, your marriage, your children.  Then one day you realize you haven’t gotten anything figured out.  You’re coasting through life with blinders on just like everyone else is.”

“I’ve never pictured you as having blinders on,” Jordan said, staring at her with admiration.  “You’re strong, successful, and beautiful.  I think Kenny was a fool to let you go.”

Renee raised an eyebrow and purred gently in his direction.  “Mr. Rydell, either I’ve been out of practice for too long or I’d say you were trying to hit on me.”

Jordan smirked devilishly and turned to face her.  “Would that be so awful?” he asked and gulped down the rest of his drink before ordering another one.

“Maybe not…if you weren’t sitting here trying to drink Alex Reynolds out of your head.”

The remark got to Jordan, not because Renee said it, but because she was dead on right.  He was trying to drink Alex out of his head.  He was sitting there with a beautiful, classy woman who he was quite certain he could charm into bed with ease, and instead he was so hung up on his estranged wife that it showed blatantly.

"Sorry if I touched a nerve,” Renee continued.

Jordan brushed the remark off.  “Well, in honor of the new year, what’s the harm in getting together for a little sleepover?” he asked.  “I promise to leave the ghosts of my past in the past.”

Renee finished her drink and clutched her purse in her hand as she stood up. “Jordan, we could play a lot of games and go up to my room and make love all night and it would be fantastic.  But then you’d still wake up tomorrow and want Alex.”  A thoughtful pause while she looked into his handsome eyes.  “I think I deserve better than that, don’t you?”

Before he could reply, Renee was shooting across the lounge with a flourish.  Jordan sighed and gulped down the rest of his drink, cursing himself for blowing it with Renee.  He actually found her quite interesting.  If only the hold Alex had on him wasn’t so strong.

Then, almost as if on cue, the sight of Alex sauntering across the lounge sent Jordan into a tailspin.   He turned back to his drink and nursed it casually.  A second later he felt Alex’s presence looming over him.

“Interesting company you’re keeping these days,” she said.  “What were you and Renee talking about?”

“Not now, Alex,” he muttered, slightly wishing that Alex was the tiniest bit jealous of Renee DeWitt.

Sighing, she sat down beside him and lit a cigarette.  “Come on, Jordan, you’re not still angry with me, are you?” she pleaded.

“It’s not even a matter of being angry,” he replied and leveled a sultry gaze at her.  “It’s just that we don’t work well together.  We tried.  We got married and it blew up in our faces.  We don’t trust each other and that’s all there is to it.”

“But what about today?” she asked.  “We were a team again.  We took matters into our own hands and we put that smarmy assistant D.A. in his place.  Didn’t that feel wonderful to you?  To be working together?”

Jordan couldn’t believe his ears.  “You mean the three of us?” he asked.  “You, me, and James, just like it’s always been.  Come on, Alex, it’s never been just the two of us.  Your ex-husband has always been right there in the middle.  Today was certainly no exception.”

“James was helping get your daughter cleared of murder charges!” Alex insisted in hushed excitement.  “I’d think you could be a little grateful instead of pulling the same old jealous routine.”

With that, she got up and stormed out of the lounge, leaving Jordan alone and hornier than he was before.  With a sigh, he looked around the sparsely populated room and found his eyes locking on a beautiful blond woman ogling him from her table.  Probably another wannabe actress, he decided.  But even still, she’d be a suitable distraction for the evening.

Getting up from his stool, he walked across the bar and sat down next to her.

Brett Armstrong

The next morning, Brett got dressed in the guest bedroom and started off for work when he ran into Stormy coming out of the gym.  They paused in the foyer and stared each other down for a second before Stormy finally decided to speak his mind.

“Still in the dog house with my sister I see,” he said, patting his sweaty face with a towel.

“I won’t be for long,” Brett insisted, refusing to believe that Miranda wanted a divorce.

Stormy shrugged and started up the stairs.  “Well, I know my sister, and when she makes up her mind there’s no changing it.  You’re on your way out, buddy.  And that means your days in this house and in Sunset Studios are numbered, because when my father gets wind of what you’ve been up to, he’ll toss you out himself.”

“And leave you to run the studio yourself?” Brett asked with a scoff.  “I think you’ve proven that your judgment is a little lax.  Your father isn’t going to trust you to handle things the way he would.  Get real, Stormy.”

“We’ll see,” was his ominous reply.

Brett glared menacingly as Stormy turned and ran up to his room.  Frustrated, he struggled to think of a way to maintain his position.  Miranda he would handle.  But Stormy required help from the outside.

Suddenly getting an idea, he walked down the hall to the living room and picked up the phone.   After dialing a number, he smiled and tapped his fingers on the outside of his briefcase.

“I’d like to order a bouquet of red roses,” he said.  “Yes, the biggest you’ve got.  Send them to Samantha Fallmont at the Fallmont Mansion in Denver, Colorado.  The card should read Love Always, Stormy.”  A pause while he reconsidered.  “No, actually make that When Can I See You?  Love, Stormy.”

Stormy Blackthorne

Stormy showered and changed into a business suit and decided to check in on Heather before heading off to the studio.  He scouted around the house and stepped out onto the terrace that extended from the living room.  From across the grounds he could see her walking leisurely by the lily pond.  She looked sad and lonely to him and he felt compelled to change that. 

After a quick change to more casual clothes, he jogged down to the pond and grabbed her from behind.  “Gotcha,” he said and laughed at the way she jumped.

“Stormy, you scared me,” Heather said as she placed a hand on her beating heart.  “I thought you’d be at work by now.”

Shrugging, he took her arm and led her back across the grounds.  “I decided to take the day off.  We’re going to have some fun today.”

The way he guided her across the grass and took her hand in his sent butterflies tripping through her stomach.  She couldn’t help the way she felt.  He was being more attentive than he had through most of their marriage, and she liked it. 

“You don’t have to spend the day babysitting me, Stormy,” she said without really meaning it.  It felt good to have him back in her life this way.   “You should go to work.”

“Don’t be silly.  I’m not babysitting you.  I think we both deserve a day off.”

Not about to argue with him, Heather followed him to his tricked out Cobra II and jumped into the passenger’s seat.  A second later Stormy was starting the engine and peeling out of the circular drive.


“I quit,” Brandon said to James as they stood in his office at Blackthorne-Reynolds.

“What?” James asked in disbelief.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.  Brandon, you’ve been my attorney since you graduated law school.  You can’t just quit after all we’ve been through together.”

Brandon threw his hands up in the air in aggravation.  “Well I was never involved in bribing a city official before.  I’m sorry James but I can’t continue working for you when you have no regard for the law.”

You didn’t bribe anyone,” James insisted.  “Alex, Jordan and I did.  And there is such a thing as client-attorney confidentiality.”

“I’m still an accessory,” Brandon replied.  He grabbed his briefcase and paused before leaving.  “I just wanted to come down and tell you in person.  I’m sorry James.  Your secret is safe with me, but I cannot risk being put in this position again.”

James was at a loss for words.  He watched as Brandon turned and stormed out of the office.  A second later, Alex came in dressed in a pristine white suit and wide-brimmed hat.

“What was that all about?” she asked, her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“Brandon just quit,” James replied and fixed himself a drink.  “Beautiful, how am I supposed to do business without an attorney?”

Alex lit a cigarette and plopped down onto a tan leather sofa.  “Especially now,” she exclaimed.

“What do you mean especially now?” James asked with a frown.  “Has something happened?”

Handing him a report, Alex puffed at her cigarette and crossed her legs.  “There’s a problem with the drilling at the site in Colorado,” she explained.  “There’s an aquifer near where the pipeline is going in.  Our people are refusing to continue because environmentalists will be all over us if we disrupt that water supply.”

“But it’s our land,” James insisted.  “The injunction Senator Fallmont proposed has been stalled.  The environmentalists shouldn’t be an issue any more.”

“That was before we knew about the aquifer,” Alex rationalized.  “Now we’ve got to find somebody who knows what they’re doing because every day that we don’t forge ahead on this pipeline we lose money.   Somebody out there has to know how to get around this thing.”

“I can probably help you with that,” Kenny DeWitt said as he entered the office.

James smiled and extended his hand to his old friend.  “Kenny, I was just thinking about you.”

“Good things I hope,” Kenny said with a smile and kissed Alex lightly on the cheek.

“How would you like to be my new private retainer attorney?” James asked, suddenly realizing that Kenny was in need of a job, and with Brandon gone he was in need of a lawyer.  "We've got some environmental obstacles, and since you're the head of the Land Commission..."

Kenny sat down across from Alex and folded his hands in his lap.  “Sounds good to me," he said with a grin.  "I just saw Brandon in the elevator and he told me he resigned.  I, on the other hand, happen to be free."

“Of course you are.  You did get fired from Merteuil.” Alex stated, then couldn’t help but add insult to injury.  “After Renee found you in bed with B.J. Summers, wasn’t it?”

Even Alex’s jabs couldn’t bring him down today.  Finally his life was beginning to look up again.  “Thank you for reminding me, Alex,” he said with a grin.  “But yes, I was looking for work and I found it.  James, when do we get started?  What's this about an environmental obstacle?"

Alex and James looked at each other, hoping that Kenny’s influence with the Land Commission would be the answer to their problems.

Renee DeWitt

Renee opened the door of her suite at Hotel Terranova and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Jordan holding a bouquet of orchids.

“Consider it an apology for being a sexist pig last night,” he said.

Renee laughed and stood clear of the door.  “Orchids are my favorite,” she said.  “They're lovely.”

“So are you.”  He set the vase on a console table and turned to face her.  “Will you please have dinner with me tonight so I can try to make it up to you?” 

Smiling happily, Renee nodded her head in agreement.  “Apology accepted, and yes, I would love to.”

Jordan was thrilled that he’d been fortunate enough to get another chance.  Maybe Renee DeWitt was exactly what he needed to get over Alex once and for all. 

The ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier loomed like a giant and looked even bigger to Heather once they stood in line beneath it.  She turned to Stormy and gave him a look of disbelief.

“You want me to get up there?” she asked.

“Why not?” Stormy replied and handed the operator a fistful of tickets.  “Ever since I’ve known you you’ve wanted to go up on this thing but could never get anyone to ride it with you.”

“That’s because you’re terrified of heights!”

Stormy shrugged as they took their seats in the car and were belted in by the attendant.  “Well now I’m compromising.  Consider it an apology for all the rotten things I did while we were married.”

The ride jerked and jolted and started into motion and Heather stifled a laugh when Stormy clutched the bar with all his strength.  “You don’t have to torture yourself to tell me you’re sorry!” she shrieked with laughter.

The wheel inched up gradually while other passengers got on, the whole while Stormy growing increasingly tense.  He looked down over the side of the car and felt his stomach turn flips. 

“I’ll be fine, really,” he said and clutched onto her hand with all his might.

Heather looked at him with a smile, amazed that he would put himself through something that he hated just for her.    “You really don’t have to do this.”

“No…I….I want to.”  His words came out broken and indecisive.  Leaning over the car again, he peered down to the ground and realized they were nearing the top of the wheel.

“Stormy, don’t look!” Heather cried and burst into a fit of laughter.   She pulled him back against the seat and stared into his eyes.  The magical feeling slowly returned with every minute they spent together.  She was now convinced that she had fallen back in love with him.

“What?” he asked.

She shrugged, not entirely comfortable with saying what was on her mind.  Not yet anyway.  “Just….thank you.”

“It’s just a ferris wheel.”

Heather shook her head.  “No, I mean thank you for spending the day with me.  I don’t think I could have handled being alone today.”

Seconds later, the ferris wheel began circling faster and Stormy felt his stomach drop.  He gripped Heather’s hand tighter and closed his eyes, all the while hearing Heather’s intoxicating laughter beside him.

Blackthorne Mansion

Ethan walked into the parlor room at the Blackthorne mansion and found Brooke holding Michael in her arms on the cognac leather sofa.  He smiled contently and cleared his throat to announce his presence.  A second later, Brooke looked up and offered a blank expression.

“He’s beautiful, Brooke,” Ethan said and took a few steps forward.  “He looks just like you.”

Brooke managed a smile and stood up, cradling the baby in her arms and looking down into his eyes.   “I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you did to bring him back,” she said, bouncing Michael gently in her arms when he started to fuss.  “James and I owe you so much.”

The remark instigated a response in Ethan that he never knew he was capable of, especially toward Brooke.  Excuse me?” he asked hatefully and in disbelief. 

Brooke didn’t bat an eyelash.  “You were the one who put everything together and tracked down Joel Armitage.  It’s because of you that Michael is home with us now.”

Ethan glared furiously.  “You're not going to tell him, are you?” he asked, although it wasn't a question.  He already knew the answer.

“No, I'm not."

Ethan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He ran his fingers through his hair and paced the room in frustration.  “Am I just supposed to forget that you stood up in that nursery a week ago and admitted to me that Michael is my son?

“I wish it could be different."  She paused and went to set the baby in his crib.  “I just don’t see any other way.  Not after everything James has done for me.  When he thought I killed Will, he protected me.  He covered it up and lied to the police and to everyone, even though his own son was sitting in jail."

“So that means that you owe him a lie?” Ethan raged.  “At the very least I’d think that you’d want to level with him."

Suddenly Brooke was faced with the reality that history was indeed repeating itself.  Ethan had been lied to his entire life about who his father was.  Even now that Will was dead, he was still in the dark as to his true identity.  Now she was asking Ethan to aid in the same kind of lie about his own son.  It was unthinkable.

“Please, Brooke, just tell James the truth so we can all get on with our lives.  I have to know that my son will know who his real father is.”

“I’m sorry, Ethan, I can’t,” she said quietly.

"I’ll fight you if I have to, Brooke.”

His remark sent her into a tailspin.  “Ethan, no!” she cried and rushed toward him.  “Please, you can’t do that!  You don’t know what you’ll be doing to James! “

“I’ll be telling him the truth!”

Sobbing uncontrollably, Brooke sunk to her knees in front of him and held his hand firmly in hers. “Ethan, please.  Please don’t do this.  I’m begging you.  You can see Michael all you want.  You can come over and take him out and have all the time you want with him, but just please don’t tell James that you’re his father.  Please, Ethan!   I’m begging you!”

The distraught look in her eyes told Ethan that she was petrified of James learning the truth.  He realized that he had a choice to make.  One could destroy lives forever, and the other could set up a lifetime of lies and betrayal.

He pulled his hand away and turned, walking out of the room and down the foyer to the front door.   When Brooke heard the door slam shut, she burst into tears and buried her face in her hands.


Next time....

Miranda's birthday arrives, and with it, a revealing party at the mansion.  James and Alex's business is in trouble.  Heather begins seeing a therapist.  Ethan learns a long-awaited truth about his father.....and finally....Nathan's secret is revealed!


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