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Episode 113


Release Date:  April 30, 2010

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Jordan told Suzanne he wanted them to get remarried in an effort to stabalize their family and return to a normal life. Heather's psychiatrist informed Suzanne that he thought it was time for her to visit.  After spending time with her increasingly mentally disturbed daughter, Suzanne became filled with guilt over her affair with Brett.  She later told a heartbroken Brett that she had accepted Jordan's proposal.  Bryan discovered that David had filed a new will with Kenny acting as his attorney.  Jackie videotaped Kenny with a call girl and then blackmailed him into giving her a copy.  In the will, David left his entire estate, worth billions, to Brooke.  As Stormy, Kyle, and the cast and crew of House of Palms prepared to leave for Acapulco, Jackie sent Steven along to spy for her.  A visit from Kyle gave Alex false hope about their future.  Stormy said a tearful goodbye to Alex, still unsure of her decision to adopt a baby.  Miranda had a panic attack after she and David dove off of a helecopter, and David tenderly calmed her down.  Later, over dinner, he let it slip that he was dying. A devastated Miranda raced out of the restaurant in tears.  Alex went to the airport to meet the court officials from Malawi who were handling her adoption.  When she spotted Kyle and Brooke kissing, she became devastated and took two potent painkillers.  



Episode 113

"Truth and Consequences"


On more than one occasion that atypically rainy morning, Jackie Blackthorne found herself glancing through the glass wall separating her office from Brooke’s.  As hard as she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on a single thing, her mind fixated on the contents of David’s will. 

She still hadn’t wrapped her head around the fact that he was giving her  everything.  Not just one hotel, a house, or a tidy sum of cash  No, he was giving her all of it.   Twenty-some properties ranging from a small boutique hotel in Aspen to a sprawling beach resort in Aruba.  A portfolio worth billions. 

All for Brooke.

The woman who had already taken so much from her.  Her marriage, her son’s loyalty, her father’s studio, a portion of Moonshadows.  And now that David was dying, she’d take the rest of it. 

How she hated her. 

It wasn’t until Brooke was knocking on the glass door with a permanent scowl on her face that she realized she’d been staring.  Moments later, her enemy was standing in her doorway.

“Is there some reason you’ve been staring into my office all morning?” Brooke demanded. 

“I beg your pardon?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this is glass,” Brooke said, gesturing to the wall separating their offices.  “I can see right in here, Jackie, and you’ve been glaring at me for the past two hours.  Do I need to be worried that you’ve got another scheme brewing?”

Dropping her pen to the desk, she shot up out of her chair and approached the credenza where she poured herself a cup of strong coffee.  “Are you having a stroke?” she asked, shaking two packets of sweetener in her hand.  “I have better things to do than stare into your office.”

“I can see you,” Brooke singsonged, arms folded across her white Chanel pantsuit.

“Apparently you have extra time on your hands,” Jackie told her.  “You’re imagining things.  I, on the other hand, have a lot of work to do, so if you’ll excuse me…”

Brooke rolled her eyes and backed up to the doorway.  “Just try to keep your eyes to yourself.  I don’t appreciate being watched like a hawk.”

After she’d gone, Jackie compulsively stirred her coffee.  How she loathed her.  She was determined to keep her from inheriting anything else from her.  There had to be a way to deal with Brooke Taylor. 

Instinctively, she went to the phone and called David.  He seemed distracted by her call.  Still, she insisted he meet her for lunch on neutral territory.  The Yacht Club.  She still refused to set foot on Moonshadows again now that Renee DeWitt was in charge.  After he grudgingly agreed, she hung up and looked back into Brooke’s office. 

Maybe there was still a way to stop this madness from happening.

Suzanne Rogers

At Suzanne’s first wedding to Jordan, the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  The ceremony and reception took place on the lawn of Jonas Lamont’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  He and Jordan’s mother, Lola, were married at the time so she insisted on organizing the whole thing.  Besides, Lola had been campaigning for them to hook up since they met at a garden party at the mansion in 1981.  Everyone was in attendance.  Movie stars, models, politicians, even an astronaut who’d been to the moon and back.  James, Alex, Nathan, Troy, Renee, Kenny.  They were all there to celebrate their union as man and wife.

Their second wedding was mere minutes away and was polar opposites from the huge event that Lola had masterminded nearly thirty years before.  The rain came down in buckets from a grey, atmospheric sky.  There would be no reception, and the ceremony was taking place at City Hall in front of a Justice of the Peace.  Aside from her and the groom, the only attendees were Benji and Renee and Kenny.  It was better that way anyway.  Their first wedding was based on passion and deep seeded love.  The second, a desperate attempt at regaining some normalcy. 

Or was it to ease her feelings of guilt over her affair with Brett? 

Benji had been genuinely shocked by their announcement upon their return from seeing Heather in San Francisco. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he’d asked when they told him together.  “Why would you get married again?”

“Because we love each other,” Jordan had told him. 

“Uhh, since when?”

“Since always,” Suzanne had insisted.  “We only just realized what we were missing.” 

Could she really tell herself that and believe it?  She cared for Jordan very much.  He was attractive, kind, and caring.  It wasn’t a stretch that she could still love him.  Was she in love with him?  No.  But was that really important at this stage in her life?  The important thing was their family and creating a sense of stability in their lives. 

Or was it to try and forget about the passion she felt with Brett?

Renee, her oldest friend, had been thrilled.  They thought it was amazing that they’d both reunited with their ex’s at the same time.  Not that Renee was ready to get remarried anytime soon.  She made a point of letting Kenny know he was on a trial run.  It had been a week and so far he hadn’t made any slips.  Not that she knew of, anyway.

Standing in the corridor outside the judge’s chambers, the group was uncharacteristically quiet.  Renee and Kenny were seated in a row of tweed chairs, Benji was leaning against the wall loosening his tie and unbuttoning his top shirt button, and Suzanne and Jordan stood happily between them all, her in a champagne skirt and jacket and him in a charcoal suit.  When the bailiff emerged from the room, they all turned to look.

“Everyone ready?” he asked. 

Jordan looked at Suzanne, squeezing her hand.  “Ready?” he asked her.

She nodded, following him inside.  Renee and Kenny went in after them.  Benji hung back momentarily, his attention directed down the corridor where a figure passed by in stealth mode.  He strained to see who it was, certain he’d recognized his face amidst the blur of movement.

Ducking into a recess in the wall, Brett closed his eyes and fought back the stinging tears.  He didn’t know why he came.  Jordan had invited him, presumably because he was family, but the thought of watching them exchange vows was enough to make his gut hurt.  Still, he showed up.  Maybe to see if they actually went through with it.  Or maybe hoping Suzanne would see him and realize she was making a mistake.  But once he arrived, he could do nothing but watch from afar.  He remained hidden around the corner, watching as they all gathered in preparation for the exchange of vows. 

Once they were all inside, he realized there was nothing he could do.  They were going to get married, one more road block keeping him from being with her.  As if his own marriage to Heather wasn’t enough of one. 

Miserably, he turned and started down the hall to the exit.  Benji watched him go, curious as to why he’d came and left without a word. 

Alex Reynolds

Reeling over the sight of Kyle and Brooke kissing in the corridor at LAX, Alex flew into a tailspin, having downed two potent painkillers and gulped down a martini at an airport bar.  Her intentions were to wait for the Malawi court officials, escort them with Kenny to her showcase apartment in Beverly Hills, and impress them with her level headed nature.  But in light of that morning’s events, things had taken a different turn.

The minute Kenny arrived from city hall, he spotted her, stumbling down the crowded corridor.  Immediately he knew she was blasted.  Quickly, he called James, the only person he could think of.  It was a code red emergency.

Kenny acted quickly, intercepting her outside the bar and wrapping his arm around her waist in an effort to keep her upright.  She spoke slowly, her eyes half-closed and her breath reeking of alcohol.

“Where are we going?” she demanded as he led her to the exit.  “Kenny, the people from Malawi just landed.  I have to go meet them.”

“You’re in no condition to meet anyone,” he said sternly.  People passing by gawked at her, her response being a toothy smile which she flashed effortlessly.

“Kenny, no!” she insisted, pulling away from him.  “I’m fine.”

“How many pills did you take?”

She looked at her purse and shrugged.  “I don’t know, but I feel better now.  I promise.  Just let me go.”

The minute he did, she began to collapse to the floor.  Quickly, he propped her up again and continued leading her through the terminal. The packed corridors held them up for several minutes, and when they finally emerged into the rainy morning, the limo driver jumped out of the waiting car.

“Miss Reynolds, are you okay?” he asked.

“No, she’s not,” Kenny told him.  “You need to take her home right away.”

Before the driver could get her into the back of the car, two men in business suits emerged from the building.  They looked around, eyes locking onto Alex, and approached with gracious smiles.

“Miss Reynolds, so nice to meet you,” one of them said and extended a hand.  “We’re from Malawi.  Our office said you would be here.  Thank you for the personal attention.”

She shook their hands with a weak grip, eyes fluttering and speech coming out in uneven patterns.  “Hello,” she said.

Kenny, realizing the implications of their bad timing, tried to diffuse the situation by offering a hand to each of them.  “Kenny DeWitt,” he introduced himself.  “I’m Miss Reynolds attorney.  Unfortunately Miss Reynolds is feeling a bit under the weather this morning.  I wonder if we could reschedule the interview for later today.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the other man said.  “Our time is stretched thin.  Isn’t there any way we can-“

“I’m fine,” Alex chimed in, struggling as Kenny and the limo driver tried to hold her upright.  “Did you bring the baby?”

The men looked at each other in confusion.  “Uh, no, Miss Reynolds, this visit is strictly to see you in your normal habitat.  If the interview goes well, you’ll come to Malawi next week…”

“I wanted to see the baby,” Alex said, turning to Kenny with a miserable look on her face.  “Kenny, what’s going on?  Why didn’t they bring my baby?”

The men regarded her suspiciously.  “Mr. DeWitt, is there a problem?”

“No, no problem,” Kenny replied, flying into damage control mode.  “As I mentioned, Miss Reynolds isn’t feeling well today and-“

“I’d feel a lot better if they brought the damn baby!” Alex shouted.  Travelers from every direction turned and observed the outburst.   “What are you looking at?” she asked of a woman with two suitcases and three small children.

“Alex, come on,” Kenny said, handing her to the limo driver and gesturing to the back seat.  He turned back to the court officials.  “I’m sorry about this.”

“No,” Alex said, wiggling about.  She broke free of the driver and approached the taller of the two men.  “Do you know who I am?  Do you know who you’re dealing with?  I am a very famous woman.  Christ, my face was on three billboards on the way to the airport.  Now are you going to bring the baby for me to meet or not?”

Kenny closed his eyes, quickly realizing any chance she had of adopting a baby from Malawi had been obliterated.

“It appears the rumors about your behavior are true,” one of the men said.  “Drugs, pills, public drunkenness.  I’m sorry, Miss Reynolds, but the interview is off.  We will return to Malawi and inform the court you are not fit to adopt a child.”

“How dare you?” Alex gasped, tears forming in her eyes.  She approached the man and slapped him across the face. 

He looked at Kenny and straightened his suit coat.  “This is outrageous!  We’re leaving.  I’d appreciate you calling to change our flight.”

“Of course,” Kenny said, horrified.  He and the driver finally succeeded in depositing Alex into the back of the limo.  All the while, she droned on about her status and her influence. 

Tapping the hood of the limo, he closed the back door and waited until the driver had sped off through the rain.  Rubbing the corners of his eyes, he turned and saw the men heading back inside the terminal. 

Blackthorne Mansion

Leilani was putting the breakfast away in the solarium at the Blackthorne mansion when Miranda sauntered in, eyes red and watery.  She sighed heavily and plopped down into a chair. 

“You want breakfast, Miss Miranda?” the dutiful housekeeper asked.  “I can heat something up for you.”

She shook her head.  “No, thank you, Leilani.  I’m not hungry.”

After she’d left, Miranda sat miserably at the table, staring outside at the pouring rain and thinking about how fitting the weather was for her mood.  Before she knew it, the doorbell was ringing.  Moments later, Leilani led Eddie into the room. 

“Hey, babe,” he said, leaning down and kissing her on the cheek.  “Breakfast over already?”

“Yeah,” she replied in a daze. 

“Darn.  Stormy and I had a pretty late night.  I need something to soak up the alcohol.  Did he take off already?”

She nodded slowly.  She could only assume he did.  She hadn’t been home until this morning. 

“What did you do last night?” Eddie asked, finding a bagel on the credenza and shoving a chunk into his mouth.  “You just stick around home?”  Bits of bagel spewed from his mouth as he talked and Miranda looked at him with remorse.  He was the sweetest guy in the world, yet she seemed to have forgotten that during the past twelve hours.

The night before, after David told her his news, she raced out of Spago and into the parking lot beneath the moonlight.  He followed her, stopping her just a she reached her gleaming red Porsche…

. . . . . Twelve Hours Earlier . . . . .

“I’m sorry it came out that way,” he told her.  “I didn’t want anyone to know.”

“Why?” she demanded, tears blurring her vision.  “Why keep something like this a secret?  I thought we were friends.  Or at least we used to mean something to each other.”

“Honestly?  I didn’t think about it.  We were together for such a brief time and it was a while ago.”

She buried her face in her hands, wiping the tears from her eyes.  “Yeah but the past few days we’ve been close.  We did all those things together.”

“And it was fun,” David said, trying to lighten the mood with a smile.  “You know why I was doing that stuff, don’t you?  Jumping out of airplanes and helicopters?  I want to do everything I’ve been too afraid to do before it’s too late.”

“You could have told me that!”

“What difference would it have made?” he asked her.  “All that would have accomplished is making you feel sorry for me.  I don’t want to be coddled.”

“You’re dying!  You need to tell people who care about you so they can tell you how they feel!”

“So tell me how you feel!” David yelled. 

Hesitating only momentarily, Miranda leapt forward and kissed him hard on the lips.  David reacted with surprise, pulling away at first so as to study her expression.  A second later, he kissed her in return, arms wrapped tightly around her petite body. 

Thirty minutes later, they were at his house in Malibu, undressing each other in his moonlit bedroom.  They made love slowly, re-exploring one another with tenderness and loads of passion.  By the time they finished, it was well after midnight.  Miranda laid next to him as he slept, but she couldn’t close her eyes.  Too much to think about.  At three o’clock in the morning when the rain started, she finally drifted off into a fitful sleep…

 . . . . . . . .

“Yeah, it was pretty uneventful,” Miranda told Eddie once she broke from the daze. 

“Cool,” he said, stuffing the rest of the bagel in his mouth and kissing her delicately on the cheek.  “You wanna go out tonight?”

“Sure,” she replied with a slight smile.  “Maybe.”

“K.  I gotta get going.  I’ve got a case.  Love you, babe.”

She smiled again.  “Love you, too.” 

By the time he was flying out the door, she was submerged in guilt over her actions.  How could she do something so hurtful to such a wonderful guy like Eddie?  He’d never done anything to make her stray.  He was funny, sweet, great in bed, and cared for her more than anyone ever had before. 

But despite all of that, she still couldn’t help but find herself falling in love with David Jennings all over again. 

David Jenner

Jackie was already seated in a corner booth at the Yacht Club when David arrived along with a window-shattering thunderclap.  She stood up as he approached, kissing him on the cheek and placing a tender hand on his arm before they both sat down. 

“Thank you for meeting me,” she said.  “You sounded a little off this morning on the phone.  Are you okay?”

“Fine,” he replied with a shrug.  When his mother called, he was laying in bed with Miranda Blackthorne.  The implications of their night together were enough to make anyone a little off. 

As they lay in bed listening to the rain tap at the enormous picture windows surrounding his bedroom, he couldn’t help but wonder if she only slept with him out of pity.  She’d just learned his was dying, they’d had a couple of fun-filled days together, and she reacted with a spontaneous kiss that they both took too far.  The emotions she felt after finding out about his condition probably got the better of her.  He went along with absolutely no protest because dying was a lonely business and he cringed at the thought of being alone when the end came.  This, however, was a one-time thing. 

“You’re sure?” Jackie asked.  “No effects from the cancer?”

He shook his head with a smirk.  “No, mother.  It could be a while before that happens.”

Sighing, she sunk back in her chair.  “Well, I won’t accept it and you shouldn’t either.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes!” said adamantly.  “David, there are so many treatments that we don’t know about.  You’ve only seen two doctors.  How do you know there isn’t something that could make you better?”

“Because I saw the best,” he told her.

“That isn’t good enough,” she raged.  The more she spoke, the less it had to do with his will and his assets.  While it was an important factor, the main thing was her son and the fact that she refused to let him go.  Tears began to fill her eyes.  “At least try to fight this.  It’s like you’re just giving up.”

“I’m not giving up,” he said, taking her hand in his.  “I’m being realistic.  Chemo isn’t going to help.  Experimental drugs aren’t going to help.  It’s a bitch but it’s just the way it is.”

Sobbing into her hands, Jackie made every effort to pull herself together.  What would one of her enemies say if they saw her crying in a booth at the Yacht Club?  Her power would be stripped away in an instant. 

“I just don’t want to let you go,” she said softly.  

“You have to,” he told her with a sigh.

Miranda Blackthorne

Miranda decided she needed a friend.  Someone to confide in about David and the night of passion they’d spent together.  The only problem was she didn’t really have any friends.  Girls from school were too self-involved and focused on their beauty appointments and scouring the city for the latest Birkin bag.  Heather was off in an institution for another year, and Stormy was working in Mexico.  She couldn’t even go to her mother, who was too wrapped up in her quest to become a mother again to bother with her problems. 

That left Brooke.  She called her and asked if she could meet her for lunch, which she happily agreed.  But by the time she arrived at Sunset Studios, she’d decided Brooke was the last person she could talk to about David.  She was his sister and she had no idea that he was dying.  He’d strictly forbidden her from saying anything to anyone.  With a heavy heart, she kept tight lipped about her latest predicament.

“How’s Eddie?” Brooke asked as she unwrapped a sandwich at the small conference table in her office.   “You two have been together for a while.  Are things getting serious?”

“Serious enough,” she replied, picking pickles off of her sandwich.  She hated pickles.

She didn’t even want to talk about Eddie and her doubts about their relationship.  If she did, it would lead to thoughts of David and then before she knew it Brooke would know everything.  Even though she wanted to talk about it, she quickly switched the focus onto her.

“What about you and Kyle?” she asked.  “Give anymore thought to the obvious attraction you have for him?”

Smiling, Brooke tried to remain unreadable.  “Some,” she said enigmatically, suddenly alerted to a text message on her phone.  She pulled it from her purse and smiled after reading it.

“Some?  So you have thought about it?”

She shrugged, tapping away at the keys.  “Maybe.”

Detecting a trace of mystery to her tone, Miranda set her sandwich down and leaned across the table.  “Okay, spill it.  What’s going on?  You’re texting him right now, aren’t you?”

“No!” Brooke exclaimed, still smiling over the words that appeared on her phone.

Determined to get to the bottom of her insatiable grin, Miranda reached across the table and snatched the phone from her.  Brooke tried to reclaim it but it slipped from her hand.  As Miranda glanced at the screen, she only made out a few words.

Do it in the shower…?” she read aloud.  “This is proof!  You’re doing him!”

Snatching the phone back from her, Brooke looked around the room as if to ensure no one was listening, even though they were the only ones there.  “We’ve been seeing each other,” she finally told her.  Even though she and Kyle had agreed to keep things under wrap for the time being, she couldn’t help herself.  If she didn’t tell someone she would explode. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Miranda exclaimed, suddenly grateful for the distraction from her own dramas.

“We’re trying to keep it on the down low for a while,” she replied with a shrug.  “But really all I want to do is shout it from the roof top.  I really do like him, Miranda.  He’s exciting and he’s impulsive and he makes my heart race.”

Exactly the things that Miranda didn’t have with Eddie, she thought sadly to herself.  David, on the other hand, fit the bill perfectly.  The excitement, the impulsiveness, the blood racing.  All of it. 

“How’s the sex?” she found herself asking with a coy smile.  “It must be dirty if you’re doing it in the shower.”

Blushing, Brooke nibbled at a hunk of bread she tore from her sandwich.  “Oh my God…” she began, grinning from ear to ear.  “It’s amazing.  Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Wow,” Miranda said with wide eyes.  She chalked up her explosively orgasmic experience with David last night to an emotional one-off.  It couldn’t be that good all the time, could it?  If so, wow….

“But now he’s in Mexico for three months,” Brooke said with a sigh of disappointment.  “He’s planning on coming back for a day or two in a couple of weeks once they get a break from filming, but that seems so far away.  I think I’ll go crazy between now and then.”

“So go see him,” Miranda suggested.  Yes, she would also go see David.  They had to talk about what happened last night.  She had to put her confusion to bed.  Bad choice of words, she thought with a smile.

“He just left,” Brooke protested.  “How would it look if I showed up there already?”

“It’d look like you wanted some of that amazing sex you were just talking about.”

Brooke chewed on the end of her straw in deep thought.  “I couldn’t,” she said, shaking her head.  “Could I?”

“You’re part owner of the studio,” Miranda hinted.  “You have every right to check up on production in Mexico.  So you fly down there tomorrow and make sure everyone’s doing their jobs.   And if you happen to wind up having amazing sex with Kyle in the shower, then so be it.”

Brooke nervously bit down on her finger.  Her entire body coursing with excitement at the prospect, she finally nodded eagerly. “I’m going to do it,” she uttered, followed by a pause while she reconsidered.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe I should just wait for him to come here.”

“Just go!” Miranda exclaimed.  “I’ll watch Michael again.”

“Are you sure?  I can always hire a service.”

Miranda waved a hand through the air.  “Don’t be silly.  I could use the distraction.  Just go book the flight.”

“Distraction from what?” Brooke asked, guilty over monopolizing their entire conversation. 

“Maybe I’m having my own secret romance,” she said mysteriously.  How desperately she wanted to share her recent activities.

“Miranda!” Brooke exclaimed.  Are you?”

She shook her head.  No, she couldn’t.  Not with Brooke.  Although she did feel that she had a right to know that her brother was dying.  But it wasn’t her place to tell her so she bit her tongue.

“Kidding.  Now go call.”

James Blackthorne

James was waiting at Alex’s apartment when Kenny arrived.  After taking one look at his ex-wife’s condition, James shook a sorrowful head and led her inside to the sofa. 

“What happened?” he asked, turning his attention to Kenny.

“She slapped the court official from Malawi,” he replied with a raise of his eyebrow.  “Something must have set her off because she was like this when I got there.”

“Jesus,” James said, wiping a hand over his face.  He looked at Alex who was slumped miserably against the back of the sofa.  “How many pills did you take?”

“Two,” she replied.  “Maybe three.  I don’t know.”

“She’d also been drinking,” said Kenny.

“The adoption?” James asked.

Kenny answered with a pronounced shake of his head. 

“They didn’t even bring the baby!” Alex yelled, suddenly jumping to attention.  “I thought I was getting a baby and the jackasses didn’t even bring her!”

“You’re not adopting that baby, Alex,” James said sternly.

“Shows how much you know.  They’re going to come back later so we can continue the interview.  Right, Kenny?”

James glared in frustration.  “No, they’re not.”  He grabbed her purse from the coffee table and scavenged for the pills.  Once he found them, he shook the bottle in his hand and threw it across the room.  “Because you can’t seem to get your problem under control, they left and have no intentions of coming back.”

Horrified, Alex looked at Kenny and then back at James.  “But I….” she stammered.  “I was counting on that baby.  I needed that baby, James.  She’s all I had.”

“I’m sorry,” he told her with a stern face.  “Maybe now you’ll realize that you need help.”

“That’s what the baby was for,” Alex said, sitting on the edge of the sofa and starting to cry.  “She was going to be my fresh start.” 

“What you need is treatment,” James said, leaning down and staring directly into her eyes.  “It’s time you stop kidding yourself.”

“I wasn’t!” she cried miserably.  “I wanted to show everyone that I’m not a terrible mother!  I wanted to do everything right this time!  Stormy and Miranda hate me but this baby was going to love me.  You would have seen that if you’d even believed in me a little bit!”

“The only thing I believe is that you are going to wind up with nothing and no one unless you do something about your addiction.”

Suddenly, her mood changed.  Flying up from the sofa, she pounded her fists against his chest.  “You did this, didn’t you?” she screamed.  “You paid those men off so they wouldn’t give me the baby!”


“You think you can pay anyone off that doesn’t meet with your approval!” Alex screamed, tears staining her face as she slammed her fists at him.  “Just like you did with me when you left me for that tramp Brooke Taylor!  I was a good wife!  I was a good mother!  Then you pushed me out and threw a bunch of money at me because I didn’t satisfy you anymore!  You turned my children against me and you used me to sell your damn movie!  And now you won’t even let me be happy!  I could have had this baby and finally been part of something important but you couldn’t even let me do that!  Do you hate me that much?  Was I that terrible of a wife?”

James struggled to push her away.  She was out of control.  Fists of fury flying in every direction.  In one quick movement, she punched him in the jaw and he went stumbling backward.  Alex collapsed onto the sofa and buried her face in her hands as she wept. 

Kenny, jumping to James’s aid, took his cue and went for his phone. 

“Alex,” James said and approached her warily.  His jaw was sore and he tasted blood in his mouth.  “This is it.  You can’t keep doing this to yourself and to everyone else.  You need help.  Those pills are going to kill you if you don’t stop it.” 

“I can’t,” she sobbed. 

“I’m going to get you help,” he said.  “Will you let me do that?  Will you let me try to make up for the way I treated you?”

The way he treated her, he repeated to himself.  What had he really done?  Yes, he’d fallen in love with another woman.  He didn’t plan it that way.  It just happened.  And who could blame him?  For the last few years of their marriage she’d been emotionally detached, probably due to his refusal to believe her claims that his uncle had raped her.  She never got over the betrayal.  Looking back, he wished it had gone differently.  But what’s done is done and he couldn’t change it.  All he could do now is try to help her the only way he knew how. 

Promises can send someone over right away,” Kenny interjected as lowered the phone. 

James looked at Alex, still sobbing on the sofa.  “Alex?” he began.  “It’s time to put this to rest.”

Struggling with her thoughts, she realized she had no other recourse.  She could stay there alone in her apartment while James, Kyle, Jordan, her children, and everyone else who had turned their back on her went about their lives.  Or she could prove that she was still somewhat in control. 

Sniffling, she nodded her head in agreement.  It was an easy choice really.  She’d been to the top and she wound up at the bottom.  There was nowhere else to go.

Suzanne Rogers

Jordan wasted no time in moving Suzanne and Benji back into the house in Beverly Hills.  Due to the rain, they packed only a few things and left the house in Sherman Oaks.  The movers would come back the next day for the rest.  

That night, Jordan got a call that his yacht was flooding as a result of the heavy downpour they’d experienced during the past eighteen hours.  The deck hand hadn’t secured the tarp.  Grumbling angrily, he kissed Suzanne softly before heading off in the dark, wet night to see if there was anything that could be done.  She took the opportunity to organize her clothes in the closet in their master bedroom.  

Swishing across the floor of the expansive room, she heard something outside on the terrace.  Quickly, she spun around and jumped when she saw a shadowy figure on the other side of the door.  Her heart racing, she backed up a step, clutching to a silk blouse on a hanger. 

Slowly, the door creaked open and the rain began blowing inside.  She realized it was just the wind, so she darted across the room to close it.  But when she neared the door, Brett emerged, dressed in jeans and an oxford shirt, and drenched head to toe from the rain.

“Brett!” she exclaimed, her heart thudding inside her chest.  “You scared me.  What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, beads of water dripping from his hair into his eyes.  “You had know I’d come.  We have to talk, Suzanne.”

He appeared to have been drinking.  She actually hadn’t expected him to come, especially in this condition.  She thought they’d said everything the other night on the terrace when she told him she was going to marry Jordan.  Or at least she’d hoped they had.  She didn’t want to hurt him.  After all, their affair started with her wild imagination and steamy short stories she’d written for her writing class. 

“It’s not a good time,” she said, then added with a lie, “Jordan could come in any minute.”

“He isn’t home,” he said.  “I saw him leave a few minutes ago.” 

“You’re spying on us?” she asked, sounding far angrier than she really was.  Looking at him standing there all wet and heartbroken did made her wish there had been another way.  What they’d shared was so electric and passionate that how could she not?  But after seeing her daughter in that institution, broken and oblivious to the world around her, she knew there was no other choice.

“I had to,” he said, coming toward her.  “You can’t just announce that you’re marrying Jordan and tell me to go away.  You owe me more than that.  You owe us more than that.”

“You’re drunk,” she said, trying to dodge the accusation.  "Where's Violet?"

“Not drunk enough.  And she's spending the night with a sitter.  I just can't be a father tonight."

“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” she said.  “But this is my final decision.  I married Jordan this morning.  It’s done.”

“I know,” he said, looking away.  “I was there.”

She was genuinely surprised by his announcement.  She knew Jordan had invited him, but she never in a million years thought he’d have the stomach to actually show up. 

“Then you know that it’s best this way.  We’re both married and we both love our spouses.”

“You don’t love him,” Brett said, moving closer.  She backed up, chilled by the proximity of their bodies.  She could feel his hot breath perfumed with vodka on her neck and it made her go wild with excitement.

“Yes, I do,” she said, turning and walking across the room.  “Don’t pretend to know what I’m feeling.”  Her voice changed sharply as she continued, “you always do that, you know?  Well, you’re wrong as usual.”

“I’m not wrong about how you feel about me,” he said, taking her by the arm and spinning her toward him.  “You love me as much as I love you.  I can see it in your eyes.”

Tears welling, she shook her head miserably.  No words would come.  How could she stand there and tell him she didn’t love him when she knew with all her heart that she did?  It had only been a day and she missed him already. 

“You do,” he said, refusing to accept her decision.  He placed his hands alongside her face and kissed her longingly.

She returned the kiss at first, clutching his rain-soaked arms while desperately wanting to feel him beside her.  Moments later, she pulled away, wiping her mouth and pushing him away. 

“Stop it!” she cried.  “Stop following me and stop trying to get me to change my mind!  You know this is what we have to do!  Don’t you love your wife?  Don’t you care about what’s right?”

“This is right,” he said.  “Suzanne, I love you.  I want to be with you.  I don’t care about anyone else.”

Tears flowing, she pointed to the terrace doors.  “I want you to leave,” she said.  “You can’t be here.  Jordan could come in any minute and-“

“Jordan’s at the marina.  I made sure he’d be gone long enough so we could talk.”

She looked at him in shock.  “You sent him out there in this rain?” she asked, suddenly realizing how desperate he was to talk to her.  “Brett, you can’t keep doing this.  You have to let it go.”

“Stop saying that-“ he said, motioning toward her again.

“Get out!” she cried, swatting him away.  “Leave us alone!  Don’t make this any harder than it is!”

A knock at the door suddenly alerted her to a presence.  She covered her mouth with her hands and stood, frozen on her feet.

“Mom, you okay?” Benji called from the hall. 

“Go, please,” Suzanne mouthed to Brett. 

Realizing he had no choice, he backed up to the door.  After giving her one final look of despair, he slipped outside on the terrace.  After he’d gone, she quickly ran to the doors and closed them.  At that precise moment, Benji entered the bedroom.

“Mom?” he asked, looking around the room.  “I heard you yelling.  Was someone here?”

She shook her head and managed a smile.  She knew her teary eyes were a dead giveaway to her state of mind, so she tried to cover it as best she could.  “I was just writing,” she said, gesturing to the laptop across the room.  “Sometimes I act it out and I guess I got carried away.” 

He raised an eyebrow, noting the wet spots on the carpet.  “What happened?”

She gestured to the terrace.  “The wind blew the doors open and rain started coming in.  That’s probably also what you heard.  I couldn’t get the damn things to stay closed.”

“Okay,” he said suspiciously.  “Well, I’m going to meet Blake.”

“Be careful,” she said, relieved that her lame attempts at covering had seemed to work. 

After he left, she went to the terrace doors and peered outside.  No sign of Brett.  At least he’d given up.  Maybe he would finally realize what they had was over.  It was better this way, no matter how they felt about each other.

Miranda Blackthorne

Miranda texted David to see if she could come over.  She desperately wanted to talk to him.  She wanted to know more about his condition and to make sure that he was handling things well, and she also wanted to find out what he was feeling about the night before.  She, for one, was totally confused.  Maybe it was the woman in her, but she knew it couldn’t be just a one-night stand.  She felt something, and she knew he did too.

Because of the rain, a mudslide just south of Malibu on PCH had prevented him from making it home, so he told her he was staying at a cabana at Moonshadows.  She jumped in her car and raced through the rain, windshield wipers swishing back and forth at their highest setting. 

When she arrived at the parking lot, David was waiting with an umbrella.  He met her at the car, opened the door, and gave her shelter the whole way down the path to the cabana.  The fact that he thought enough to do it was unbelievable to her. 

Once inside, he shook out the umbrella and set it against the door.  “Hell of a night, huh?”

“Yeah,” she replied, happy to see that there was a fire going in the fireplace.  She was slightly chilled from the short jog down the path.  Moving across the room, she warmed herself by the warm glow of the flames. 

“How are you today?  I’m sorry my mom called and woke us this morning.”

“I wasn’t asleep,” she told him.  “As a matter of fact, I didn’t get much sleep at all last night.”

“The rain keep you up?”

She turned toward him.  “That, and the fact that I was still in shock over what happened.  You have to admit it was a pretty emotional day.  First my freak-out in the ocean, then you telling me you were dying, and then us winding up in bed together.  I don’t think I’ve had that much excitement in a long time.”

“I don’t believe that,” he said, pouring her a glass of wine.  “I always picture you flying from one adventure to the other.”

“Hardly,” she said with a wry expression.  She took the glass and sat down on the cognac leather sofa.  “Lately my only excitement consists of living vicariously through everyone else’s.”

“You have too much life in you for that,” David said, sliding onto the cushion beside her.  “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re funny.  You should have the whole world in your palm.”

“Yeah, right.”

He smiled.  “Take it from a guy who’s dying.  Enjoy it while you can.”

She knew he was making a joke, but it wasn’t funny.  Still, she considered his words carefully.  “So I should take the bull by the horns is what you’re saying?”

“Something like that,” he said, nodding along. 

That’s exactly what she planned on doing.  Setting her glass down, she leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips.  He went along with it for a few seconds, his hands moving down to her waist as his mouth explored hers.  But suddenly, he pulled away and turned his head. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a frown.  “You told me to enjoy life while I can.  That’s what I’m doing.”

“Is it?” he asked.  “Or is this just because you feel sorry for me?  There’s a difference between pity and doing something because you want to.”

“I don’t pit you!” she exclaimed, jumping off the sofa in a huff.  “Is that what you think last night was?  A pity fuck?  I don’t believe you, David.  I slept with you because I wanted to, because I thought we were connecting.  And yes, when you told me you were dying I did feel something.  But it wasn’t pity.”

“Then what was it?” he asked.

“I don’t know!  Love, maybe.”


“Yes, maybe.  Is that so hard to believe?”

“You have a boyfriend!  Did you stop loving him?”

“No!” she yelled.  “But it’s different.  Eddie’s different.  With you I feel something different.  You make me feel alive.” 

He chuckled.  “Kind of ironic, isn’t it?”

Groaning, she made a b-line for the door.  “Enough of the dying jokes already.”  With a yank, she pulled the door open.  “There’s nothing funny about it.  There’s nothing funny about any of this.”

With that, she darted out into the pouring rain.  She wasn’t about to stay there and let him humiliate her.  There she was, pouring her heart out to him and he acted like she was some love-sick teenager. 

“Miranda, wait!” David shouted, jumping off the sofa and running to the door.  By that time, she was already making her way up the path.  With a sigh of frustration, he raced out after her.  Half-way up the tree-lined path, he caught up with her and pulled at her arm.

“Let me go!” she shouted over the driving rain. 

“Don’t be like this!  What did I say?”

“I’m trying to tell you how I feel!” she yelled, rain soaking her through her clothes. “But you don’t feel the same way!  I get it!  Point taken!”

“That’s not it,” he said.  “I care about you very much.  You’re amazing.  I just….I…”

When it seemed as though he were making excuses, she let out a groan and turned to continue up the path.  She wasn’t about to stand around in the rain while he came up with another lame kiss-off.

Determined to finish his thought, he pulled her back again.  “I don’t want to you be hurt when it happens,” he told her.  “When I die.”

Tears welled up in her eyes but were quickly washed away by the rain.   “I’m going to get hurt anyway.”

“I know, but…”

“So why are you fighting it?  You said you didn’t want to have any regrets.  Do you regret being with me?”


“Then just shut up,” she cried. 

He knew she was right.  They had fun together.  They had chemistry.  He hadn’t been looking for it but it happened.  Regardless of where it took them or how long it lasted, he didn’t care.

Pulling her toward him, he kissed her passionately beneath the hammering rain. 

Benji Rydell

Jumping into his car and heading out into the stormy night, Benji decided that his mother had been lying to him.  Whatever was going on with her had nothing to do with her writing class or the wind blowing doors open in the house.  Her behavior only added to the very odd circumstances of their returning to Beverly Hills. 

Watching his parent’s behavior throughout the day had been a totally bizarre experience.  Growing up, he’d been resentful of what he thought his father had done to his mother.  Murder has a tendency to change your outlook on a person.  But when it became clear that it had been his Uncle Troy who had been the victim, and his mother the culprit, everything changed.  Resentment turned to anger by the lies that had been perpetrated for fifteen years. 

Now here they were, a happy family again, and his parents were acting like they were in love or something.  He knew better. 

Turning out off of the driveway, he slowed down and pulled to the curb when he saw Brett sitting in his car a few yards ahead, seemingly watching the house.  His brother-in-law’s behavior also continued to confuse him.  First he showed up at the court house but didn’t bother to come in, and then he staked himself out late at night in the middle of a rainstorm. 

He watched him for several minutes, and when the black Lamborghini started moving toward Woodland Drive, he followed him.  Keeping a safe distance, he wondered if his brother-in-law should even be driving.  His car swerved back and forth along the winding roads.  But minutes later, they arrived at Brett’s condo at the marina.  Sitting in his car, Benji watched him dash toward the building, taking the entrance to the Yacht Club bar instead of proceeding up to his apartment. 

After calling Blake to tell him he couldn’t make it out, he got out of the car and followed him inside.  Spying from across the room, he watched as he downed two glasses of straight vodka.  He was in sorry shape, and he was convinced it had everything to do with his mother and father. 

Finally, Benji proceeded to the bar and took the stool next to Brett.  His drunken brother-in-law didn’t immediately realize it was him.  When he did, he let out a huff and ordered another drink from the bartender.

“What you doing he-here?” he hiccupped, slumped over the bar with eyes half-closed.   “Shouldn’t you be at home with mommy and daddy?”

“You’re the one who should be home,” Benji told him, surprising even himself by the reason in his voice.  “Have you been drinking all day?”

“I thhii….think so.” 

“I saw you at the house earlier,” Benji said with determination.   “And at the court house this morning.  What’s going on with you, man?  You’re a wreck.”

Brett laughed and slammed down his next drink.  Lifting his arm, he placed it over Benji’s shoulder and nearly shook him off the stool.  “You’ll understa-and when you’re older, kid.” 

“I understand plenty,” Benji replied.  “Does this have anything to do with my mother?”

“No!” Brett yelled loudly as he pulled his arm away.  Several people in the bar turned to look but he didn’t notice.  “Hell no.  What makes you sssaay that?’

“I don’t know.  I just….”  He didn’t know what he thought.  All he knew was that he and his mother used to seem close and now he appeared to be keeping his distance.  Maybe his father had ordered it.  He was relatively possessive of his wives. 

“Hey,” Jared the bartender said to Benji.  “You want to take your friend home?  He’s starting to make the other guests nervous.”

Great, just what he wanted.  Chaperone for a drunk mess.  Still, what could he do?  Leave him there?  It was only a short trip upstairs to his condo.  He got up off the stool and hoisted Brett up, propping him against his shoulder. 

“Where we goin?” Brett murmured.

“Home,” Benji said, leading him to the door that led into the residential lobby.

Brett Armstrong

When they got to the condo, Brett was nearly passed out.  He collapsed onto the sofa, wet clothes and all, mumbling incoherently.  Benji decided that he couldn’t let him lay there in his wet clothes so he went to work at stripping him down to his underwear.  Brett seemed to barely notice what was happening.

While he laid him back against the sofa, he couldn’t help but admire him from his close proximity.  His damp, clammy skin, his toned body and tell-tale bulge that grew beneath the thin fabric of his black Diesel underwear.  A faint trail of blond hair led a tempting path starting at his naval and disappearing beneath his waistband. 

Benji decided to test the waters.  He slipped his hand beneath the waistband of Brett’s underwear, watching as he tensed for a few seconds, then relaxed and closed his eyes.  He instantly grew hard in his hand.  Deciding it was the perfect opportunity to put a long brewing fantasy to bed, he closed his mouth around his dick. 

Brett was still conscious but was far from aware of his surroundings.  He ran his hand over his chest, moaning with pleasure as he was brought closer and closer to the brink.  Benji worked fast, yet took care to enjoy every second as he was positive there would never be another opportunity. 

When he came in his mouth, his body convulsed with waves of pleasure.  Benji ran his tongue along the head and watched with satisfaction as he jolted this way and that.  Then he tucked it back into his underwear and moved away from the sofa.

“Suzanne….” Brett murmured, eyes closed and on the verge of losing consciousness.  “I love what you do to me…”

Benji turned back quickly.  Of course.  All the flirtatious behavior at the house, the touchy-feely afternoon swims in the pool, the lingering glances.  His mother had been having an affair with him.  And now that she and Jordan were remarried, Brett was lovesick. 

And he’d just got done blowing his brains out. 

Never in a million years would anyone believe this was his life. 

Blackthorne Mansion

Miranda was uncharacteristically quiet the next morning when James came to her bedroom and told her about Alex.  He couldn’t tell whether she was genuinely shocked by the outcome of her mother’s recent behavior, or if she had other things on her mind. 

“I would have called you last night but there just wasn’t time,” James told her.  “I was at the treatment center very late getting the admittance paperwork done.  Once she was admitted they don’t allow her any visitors.” 

She remained silent, staring in deep concentration at the floor of her room.  “So all that fucking glamour and beauty couldn’t save her,” she murmured quietly.  “She went ahead and lost it all.” 

“She’ll be back before you know it,” James said.  “And this time she’ll be the Alex that we know and love.” 

Miranda looked up at him, all serious as she studied his face.  “You do love her, don’t you, Daddy?  After everything, you still love her.”

He dug his hands into his pockets and shrugged.  “I guess in a way, I do.  We shared a big part of each other’s lives.  We have children together.  I’ll always care what happens to her.”

“You’re always coming to her rescue.  I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have you in her life.”

“She might not right now, but maybe someday.”

Jumping off the bed, Miranda threw her arms around her father and pulled him close.  “You’re a good man.  I love you, Daddy.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”  He kissed the top of her head and held her out to look at her.  “You okay?  You seem kind of down.  Even apart from your mother checking into rehab.”

She wanted to tell him, just like she wanted to tell Brooke yesterday.  David was dying and she suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about him.  She cheated on Eddie and had lied to his face about it.  Sure, everything was great. 

Sunset Studios

“The crew just left two days ago,” James said to Brooke later that morning in his office at Sunset Studios.  “They’ve barely had time to set up.  I guess I’m not sure why you feel the need to fly down and check up on them already.”

There he goes with his patronizing tone again, Brooke thought to herself.  Did he not realize she was partial owner of the studio?  If she wanted to check on progress, she had every right to.  The fact that she was really only going to see Kyle was beside the point. 

“Why are you fighting me on this?” she asked with a resigned roll of her eyes. 

“I’m not fighting you.  I just think that you’re jumping the gun.  Give them time to set up some shots and wait until there’s progress that we can actually see.”

“James, I’m not going to stand here and argue the point that we’re under a lot of time constraints here.  If they fell behind schedule now then we can kiss the budget goodbye.  You’ve told me before I’m good with numbers.  All I want to do is go down there and make sure things are tight.”

Dropping his hands to the desk, James flashed her a look of resignation.  “Fine, you can obviously do what you want.  I just hate for you to waste your time.  What are you going to do about Michael?”

“Miranda’s going to take him,” she replied.  “Anyway, I leave this afternoon and I’ll be back in a couple of days.  I’ll have my cell if anything comes up.”

James watched as she turned and started to the door.  “Brooke, wait,” he said, pausing as she turned back.  He realized he’d acted like a controlling prick and didn’t want her leaving with a bad taste in her mouth.   “Have a good trip.” 

She nodded with a smile, turning just as Jackie entered the room. 

“What trip?” she asked. 

“I’m flying down to Mexico for a couple of days,” Brooke replied.  “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Interesting,” Jackie said, leveling an accusing glare at her.

“What’s wrong?  Disappointed that you didn’t get to trick me into going this time?”

Jackie responded with a tight lipped smile.  She watched as Brooke turned and walked down the hall to her office.  When she was gone, she went in and sat down across from James.

“What’s that all about?” she asked, crossing her legs.

“Never mind her,” James replied.  “What the hell are you doing to Renee DeWitt?”

Jackie sighed.  Yes, James was Renee's dear friend.  She’d been waiting for the obligatory lecture that he would eventually launch at her.  Now was as good a time as any, she decided.

Suzanne Rogers

Relieved that the skies had finally cleared up and the sun was finally shining, Suzanne stood in her robe on the terrace that jutted out from their bedroom.  She took in a breath of fresh air, hoping her dour mood would lighten up with the new day and the freshness after the rain. 

Last night had been horrible.  The look in Brett’s eyes as she turned his world upside down yet again was heartbreaking.  As much as she missed him, she wanted him to stay away.  It was easier that way.  Seeing Violet would become difficult to manage.  She loved spending time with her granddaughter and wanted to continue to do so but how could they come to a mutual understanding for the good of the child?  Maybe his feelings would change over time.  Maybe hers would too. 

Walking back inside, she sat on the bed in front of her laptop.  She’d continued the short story that she’d began weeks ago, before she and Brett discovered their mutual attraction.  Maybe it was unhealthy, or maybe it was just the opposite.  Either way, she found solace in writing about what she could no longer have. 

He came to her in the rain, drenched and filled with desire.  She closed her eyes as he slipped his hands beneath her breasts and cupped them gently.  One at a time, he ran his tongue along her nipples.  She cried out in ecstasy.  How could one man’s touch lead to convulsive waves of passion and desire?  Her body ached for him.  Even in the driving rain she yearned to be close to his naked body.  With feverish intensity, they undressed each other.  He took her from behind as she braced herself against the terrace railing.  Each and every thrust brought them closer together…closer to perfection…

“You’re busy,” Jordan said as he walked inside the bedroom from his morning run.  Dressed in a Gucci track suit and Porsche cap, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.  “What are you working on?”

“Just an assignment for class,” she replied, quickly closing the laptop and setting it aside.  “How as your run?”

“Great,” he said.  “The rain made everything so green for a change."

She was barely paying attention, her mind still stuck in her story.  Flushed, she got off the bed and went to the dresser.  She picked up her hairbrush and started running it down her auburn tresses.

“Looks like Alex bumped our wedding off the front page of the society section,” he said from across the room as he pored over the morning paper.  

Still, she didn’t pay attention.  Her mind was racing with thoughts of Brett and her together.  And not together.  Dealing was harder than she thought it would be. 

“Suzanne?” Jordan said, regarding her carefully.  “Did you hear me?”

“Sorry, no,” she said, finally turning toward him. 

Grinning, he got up out of the chair and proceeded toward her.  “Alex checked into rehab last night.  It’s all over the paper today.  Guess nobody cares about us getting married when there’s another actress going to Promises.”

She smiled vaguely.  “I hope she gets the help she needs.” 

“You okay?” he asked, nudging her chin upwards.  “You seem a little preoccupied.”

“I’m fine,” she replied.  “It’s just sad about Alex.”

He drew closer, taking in her intoxicating scent as he kissed her softly on the lips.  “Here I thought it had something to do with you falling asleep on our wedding night.” 

“I’m sorry,” she said with a shake of her head.  “I don’t know what was wrong with me.”

“Don’t worry.  I was out late at the marina.  And apparently for no reason.  There was nothing wrong when I got there.  I just didn’t want to wake you when I got home.  You looked so peaceful.” 

“Did I?” she asked.  Peaceful was the last thing she felt when she finally got into bed.  Maybe it had something to do with the dreams she had all night.  Dreams of her and Brett on a deserted island somewhere. 

As he brushed his lips against the nape of her neck, she grew amorous.  It had been a long time since they’d made love.  Years, in fact.  His masculine scent, on top of the story she’d been working on all morning, had her flushed with excitement.  And to be perfectly honest with herself, she had been thinking of Brett through it all. 

Jordan slipped her nightgown off and laid her on the bed.  Fingers clutching at the drawstring on his track pants, she fumbled about until they were around his ankles and then kicked across the room.

Filled with desire, Jordan unzipped his jacket and threw it aside.  He climbed on top of her and they made love with explosive success.  He couldn’t remember her ever being as good in bed when they were married the first time.

Suzanne hated herself for comparing him to Brett, but she did it anyway.  They were both amazing lovers, but each had their own special thing that made her reach the point of no return.  For Jordan, it was his girth and his stamina.  With Brett, it had been his enthusiasm and eagerness to do whatever it took to make her feel good, and the way he held her afterwards. 

When they’d finished, Jordan immediately got up from the bed.  “Taking a shower,” he said with a wink and walked into the bathroom. 

She held the sheet over her chest, realizing that they were two different men.  She was married now, and would take the good with the bad. 

Benji Rydell

Benji went to work at Rydell Productions with every assumption that Brett would fire him, or worse yet, kick the crap out of him after realizing what had gone down the night before.  He wasn't worried though.  If it came to that, he'd simply remind his well-endowed brother-in-law that he enjoyed every minute of it.  Him coming in his mouth was proof positive.

When he arrived, however, it was a different story.   They ran into each other in the anteroom outside Brett’s office. 

“You look like hell,” Benji said to break the ice. 

“Probably no worse than I feel,” he replied, eyes red and dark circles surrounding them.  “Did I run into you?”

Benji raised an eyebrow.  “You don’t remember?”

“Bits and pieces,” he replied, gathering a stack of shooting scripts from the credenza.  “I don’t know how much I had to drink but it’s a miracle I got home in one piece.  Where were we?”

“The Yacht Club.  You were pretty obliterated so I got you up to your apartment.  I was afraid if I didn’t the bartender would have had you removed.” 

Brett shook his head in frustration.  He hated being that out of control, especially when he had a daughter to care for.  Definitely not his brightest moment.   He only hoped he hadn’t said anything to clue Benji in to the source of his pain.  Next to Jordan or Heather, he was the last person they wanted knowing about their affair.

“Thanks, man,” he said.  “I was…just upset about Heather.  Seeing her the other day was pretty emotional for me.” 

“I can understand that.”  Benji knew better.  His own mother was sleeping with his sister’s husband. 

“So...how did I get undressed?”  Brett asked, blue eyes flashing toward him. 

“You were soaked from being out in the rain.  Thought you’d appreciate not waking up wet.”

“Yeah,” Brett said, exhaling.  He had a bad memory when it came to drinking.  Always had.  Which was why he tried to limit himself under normal circumstances.  He had a tendency to black out and not remember anything about the night before. 

“So….feel better today?” Benji asked.  “About Heather, I mean.”

He nodded.  About Heather, no.  About Suzanne, definitely not.  He still ached for her and cursed her stupid decision to marry Jordan and call off their affair. 

“Thanks again, Benji.”

Jackie Lamont

Standing at the window in her office at Sunset Studios, Jackie watched the sky as planes took off right and left from LAX.  Whichever one Brooke was on couldn’t get away fast enough, she decided.  Any day without her around was a day to celebrate.

She didn’t mind saying it.  She wished the woman had never been born.  She wished Royce had never slept with Roz Taylor while he was on business in Phoenix, she wished Royce had never found out about her, and she wished Roz hadn’t been stupid enough to let her and David find out they were related.  Then none of this would be happening.  Brooke wouldn’t be involved in Sunset Studios, and she wouldn’t be the sole heir to David’s entire estate. 

So lost in her own thoughts, she almost forgot she had a caller on the phone. 

“Are you there?” Bryan Carlson asked from his office in New York.  “Jackie?  Hello?”

“Sorry,” she said, finally snapping back to reality. “I’m here.  I just can’t stop thinking about David and him giving everything to her.  If he wasn’t my son I would seriously have to wonder where his head was.”

“She’s going to become a very wealthy and powerful woman in a matter of months,” Bryan told her.  “She could be a dangerous enemy to have.”

“You’re not suggesting I befriend that little pop tart, are you?”

He laughed.  “No, I know better than to suggest the impossible.”

“Then there’s nothing I can do about it,” Jackie said with a sigh.  “She’ll inherit everything and I’ll be here struggling to take back what her and James and everyone else stole from me.”

“Where is she now?  It’s the middle of the day and you’re bashing her at the office.  Watch out or you’ll have another cat fight on your hands.”

“Oh, she’s on her way to Acapulco.  Something about checking up on production schedules.  God, she’s got such a Napoleon complex.”  

“Interesting,” Bryan said.  “I saw her at the airport when Kyle left.  They seemed pretty close.  He always did go for the pretty ones.” 

“Ugh,” Jackie croaked.  “She can stay down there for all I care.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind if she disappeared somewhere in Mexico and was never heard from again.”

Silence permeated the line for a few moments until Bryan replied.  “That would certainly count her out of David’s will.  Might even push you right up to the front of the line.”

She sighed with defeat and dropped her hands to her side.  “Oh well.  What’s done is done.  She’s getting it all.  Like I said, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Then Bryan replied, casually and mild-mannered as ever.  “You never know.”

Jackie dismissed his remark with an incredulous laugh.  She turned to the window separating her from Brooke's empty office.  No, there was nothing she could do.  

Next time....

Cassidy and Eric clash in Acapulco.  Stormy blows up when Brooke comes to see Kyle.  The crew is approached by several locals.



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