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Episode 105


Release Date:  February 6, 2010

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Alex began sleeping with Kyle Fenwick around the time she began work as Faye Richards on the daytime soap The Young at Heart.  Still reeling from the way her family had turned their backs on her, she resorted to drugs.  On set, Veronique brought her a fresh bottle of oxycodone, fully aware that her no-nonsense producer, Mackenzie Stone, had zero tolerance for shenanigans on set.   Alex immediately went on the defensive against her co-star, leading lady Cassidy Solomon, who was coincidentally mother to Summer Solomon, whom Benji had unwittingly given Chlamydia to several weeks before. 


Kyle announced that he was Will Thomerson’s son, born by an actress that Will worked with on Broadway.  James hired Eddie to investigate Kyle’s claim.  After he and Miranda searched the Sunset Studios archives, they leaned that Marilee Wells was the actress in question.  Marilee pleaded with James to keep her secret, unwilling to let Kyle know his mother’s true identity. 


Brooke, meanwhile, was intrigued by Kyle’s claim, unable to overlook the similarities the man shared with Ethan, who’d died over a year earlier in the earthquake.  After fending off his advances, she eventually broke down and paid him a visit in jail after Stephanie had him arrested for breaking into her house.  But after Kyle asked if she was attracted to him because of his likeness to Ethan, she left in a hurry. 


Jackie Lamont was out to sabotage Brooke’s new position as co-owner of Sunset Studios.  She wanted her share of her father’s company, and resented the fact that Brooke, the product of Royce’s affair, had taken it from her.  In order to insinuate herself into the company, she married Nathan in his Parisian prison, thereby getting his ten percent of the studio.  Stormy and Brooke became suspicious of Jackie after a script inexplicably wound up in the hands of Brett Armstrong at Rydell Productions.  When Jackie found a letter and a key that T.T. Levitt had sent to David before returning to New York, she thought her luck had finally changed.  The key, according to T.T., would unlock secrets into Kyle Fenwick’s past.  Jackie knew that Kyle was drawn to Brooke, and hoped that whatever the key led her to would help in destroying the woman.  Renee, fresh out of her latest relationship, found herself hard at work trying to put Merteuil Industries back on track after the collapse of the economy.  When Brooke expressed her concerns over Jackie, however, Renee found pleasure in paying the woman a friendly warning to steer clear of Brooke. 


Jordan, drawn to Stephanie Callahan’s simplistic nature, did his best to woo her into bed.  After one failed attempt after another to seduce her, Jordan began to realize what a challenge he was up against.  Even more frustrating was her past with Kyle Fenwick.  The two had dated when she was a detective in New York.  After her partner was killed in an explosion used to cover up a shady drug cartel, she testified against Kyle and had him sent to prison.  Meanwhile, Kyle’s return to L.A. brought allegations that David Jennings had set him up. 


Suzanne, who had retreated to a simple life in the Valley, enjoyed the company of her son-in-law, Brett, while Heather was off in a mental institution in San Francisco.  Their newfound friendship didn’t go unnoticed by Benji, who had promised a new leaf had been turned over since his vicious attack on Scott Kelly.  When he and Blake attempted a wild party thrown by socialites Jeff and Joba Branigan that was raided by the police, Benji expertly avoided his father’s tirade by gently suggesting something was going on with his mother and his brother-in-law.   


Duke Summerfield, Benji’s classmate from Beau-Soleil, arrived in town just before Benji learned that Renee was trying to push Sierra into a new relationship with a wealthy Ivy League type from Manhattan named Hunt Roberts.  Angry that his chances for reuniting with Sierra were dwindling, Benji began to resort to his old self. 



Episode 105

"Goddess of Vengeance"


When Alex Reynolds arrived home to her Beverly Hills high rise from her first day on the set of The Young at Heart, she quickly learned of Kyle’s arrest and subsequent release from jail thanks to a voice message from Stormy.  She was at first surprised, followed by aggravated, and finally, very, very angry.  Concern did not enter her head. 

Immediately she called Kyle on his cell.  Her call went straight to voicemail.

She slammed the phone down in a fury.  How dare he not tell her!  He was availed one phone call and he hadn’t bothered to use it to let her know what was going on.  Were they not getting close?  They’d spent nearly every night together for a week.  This was the second time he’d kept something from her.  First she had to hear from James that Kyle was Will Thomerson’s son, and now she had to hear from Stormy that he’d been arrested.  Maybe her new love interest wasn’t too forthcoming with information after all and this was what she could expect from getting involved with someone like him. 

After changing into a billowing negligee and pouring herself a glass of champagne, she downed one of the pills Veronique had brought to her.  She had promised herself no more that day, but her nerves were now getting the better of her. 

The sound of the doorbell ringing sent her flying across the room.  She pulled the door open and scowled at Kyle who stood in the hallway clasping a bouquet of huge red roses.

“I wasn’t sure what the customary gift was for someone after their first day on a hit soap opera, so I got roses,” he said with a clever grin.  “Corny, I know.” 

“How beautiful,” Alex hissed, grabbing the flowers from him and walking to the bar across the room.  In one swift movement, she dropped them into the sink and picked up her glass of champagne for another sip. 

“What’s going on?” Kyle asked, sauntering through the opulent living room in loose-fitting jeans and a grey t-shirt.  “Do you not like roses?”

“Not from men that I don’t trust,” she insisted, lips pursed.

“What are you talking about?”   He went to touch her bare arm and was met with a slap to the hand.  “Did I do something wrong?”

“I found out from my son that you spent the day in jail,” Alex said, her voice rising.  “Do you know how humiliating that was for me?”

He sighed with regret and tried to touch her again.  Another slap to his hand.  “I’m sorry, Alex.  I didn’t tell you because I knew it was your first day on set.  Did you really expect me to call you in the middle of that and say hey guess what? I’m in jail?”

“At least I wouldn’t have been the only one who didn’t know.  My family already thinks my being with you is a mistake.  Just what the hell did you do, anyway?”

“Nothing.  I went to see someone and the next thing I knew I was being hauled off to jail.”

“Someone?” Alex asked, arms folded.  “You mean little miss New York Detective?  What is it with you and her, anyway? I thought that was all over.”

“It is.  I just wanted to talk to her.  I needed some closure.  She took my being there as a threat and she called in her buddies on the force.  Alex, it was perfectly harmless.  You have to believe me.”

“Why should I believe anything you tell me?”

He replied by grabbing her and kissing her hard on the lips. 

Alex grew weak in the knees, light-headed and euphoric from the feel of his lips on hers.  At first she didn’t know if it was the affect of the pills or she was really this into him.  Either way, she found herself falling into his arms and kissing him passionately.  All thoughts of her anger towards him vanished in an instant. 

Before she knew it, he was lowering the straps on her negligee, kissing her shoulders and cupping her breast in his hands.  In an instant she was standing naked before him and he was leading her to the sofa where he covered her with his strong body.

After an hour of lovemaking, Alex’s attitude had changed.  She got off the sofa and wrapped herself in her robe.  Grinning, she poured two glasses of champagne and handed one to him. 

“Feeling better now?” Kyle asked, supporting his body with one elbow. 

“Much,” she said wistfully.  “Kyle, I’m sorry I overreacted.  I just feel like there are things that you’re not telling me.  I want us to be open and honest with each other.”

“And we are,” he assured her.

“Including about what happened at that hotel explosion back in New York?” she asked, looking into his green eyes as if searching for a flicker of dishonesty.  She couldn’t be too careful. She’d been hurt enough.

“Yes.  I did not blow up that hotel.  David Jennings did and he set me up.”

“Are you that sure?” Alex asked.

“I’m sure that I didn’t do it.  I had nothing to do with that drug cartel.  David needed to destroy the evidence, so he blew up the hotel.”

“Well why can’t you drop it?  You’re out of prison and starting your life over here in Los Angeles.  Let the past stay in the past.”

“I need to clear my name, Alex,” Kyle insisted, rising from the sofa, still completely nude.  “For everyone’s sake.  My father hasn’t spoken to me since I was sentenced.  He thinks I’m a disgrace to the family.  He went as far as to tell me at the hearing that no biological son of his would have embarrassed him the way I did.”

“I’m sorry, Darling.”

Shaking his head, he reached for his clothes.  “Forget it.  You don’t understand.  Nobody does.”

“I do understand!”

But he was already headed for the bathroom, aggravated that no one believed in his innocence.

“Kyle!” Alex called through the closed door.  “Please talk to me!”

Moments later he emerged, fully dressed and bounding toward the front door.  He paused before leaving, kissing her lightly on the mouth.   “I just need to be alone for a while.”

“Okay,” she said uneasily.  “Are you still going with me to the premiere tomorrow night?”

“I told you I would.”

“Pick me up at six.”

Nodding in agreement, he ducked out into the hall and left Alex standing inside, perplexed as to why he’d gotten so defensive all of the sudden.

Eddie Distefano

Eddie Distefano rented an office in a small building in Beverly Hills.  This suited him fine because when he was on a case, he was always out and about.  No need to waste money on a large office.  Even with the money he inherited from Victor, he had no desire to upgrade. 

His most recent case, involving locating the real Maureen Adams, had been quick and painless.  James paid him a hefty sum and he was back to waiting for the phone to ring.  There had to be someone in need of a good private detective. 

Paydirt came in the devilish form of Jackie Lamont, who strode into his office that morning dressed in a short red dress and matching pillbox hat.  Her red stiletto heels sunk like daggers into the high pile carpet as she approached him slowly.

“Miss Lamont, what can I do for you?”  he asked, unable to stop himself from staring at her killer legs.   They were long and smooth, perfectly toned.

“I need you to find out what this key goes to,” Jackie replied, taking the key she’d stolen from David’s house and sliding it across the desk.  From her cleavage she withdrew a roll of fifty dollar bills and placed it neatly on the table. 

Eddie picked the key up and inspected it carefully.  He’d had some experience with different types of keys.  Clients had hired him to locate safety deposit boxes hidden by their cheating and philandering spouses, secret love nests hidden away for the occasional afternoon rendezvous, and two-hundred-thousand-dollar cars bought without their knowledge.  He’d seen every type of key and knew exactly what they unlocked. 

“Looks like a key to a post office box,” he replied with certainty. 

“Is there any way to tell where?” Jackie inquired.

Eddie shook his head.  “Every branch in L.A. has a number sequence engraved on the key for easy identification.  This key has a number but it doesn’t match any in the county.  It could be from anywhere.”

He handed it back to her and offered an apologetic smile. 

“Can you find out where?”

“It would be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Who does it belong to?”

“My late husband,” she lied.  “I found it in some of his things.”

Eddie shrugged and tried to inconspicuously stare up her daringly short dress.  “Do you have access to his bank statements?”

“Of course I do.  Why?”

“Well, if he paid for the box monthly then he would have gotten a billing statement from the post office.  Match the address of the branch and you’ve found your box.”

Jackie smiled and stood up.  “Thank you.” 

“No, thank you,” Eddie replied, grinning from ear to ear as she sauntered her way back out of the office.

Brett Armstrong

Brett Armstrong soaked his overly worked muscles in the hot tub in the backyard of Suzanne’s house in Sherman Oaks.  He’d spent an extra hour in the gym that morning before taking Violet to his mother-in-law’s for the day.  After complaining of muscle aches, Suzanne insisted that he take a soak before heading off to work. 

“She’s in love with that new mobil,” said a voice from the sliding door as Suzanne emerged, baby monitor in hand.  “She’ll be asleep in no time.”

“I figured as much,” Brett replied, staring up at the cloudless sky.  “She kept me up all night.  I think I got about two hours of sleep.” 

“That’s like a vacation!” Suzanne joked and sat down on the edge of the Jacuzzi with her feet dangling in the hot water.  “I remember with Heather and Benji I got about thirty minutes a night.  Especially with Benji.  He would sooner scream his head off than get a minute of sleep.”

Grinning, Brett stretched his arms up above his head, his nipples just breaking the surface of the water.  He inadvertently brushed his hand against her thigh and looked up at her.  Their eyes flickered past one another and paused for a few deliberate seconds.   Slowly, he could feel her feet brushing against his torso.  She motioned for him to lean forward while she positioned herself behind him.  Straddling him from behind, she began massaging his shoulders and arms. 

“That feels great,” he said, closing his eyes and letting himself drift off to a state of total relaxation.  “Your hands are magic.”

“You need to take it easy in the gym from now on,” Suzanne cautioned him.  “I know you have a lot of stress going on right now, but pushing yourself too hard will only make you feel worse.” 

Smiling, Brett let himself melt in her hands.  She worked every inch of his arms, then moved to his chest and finally to his stomach, delicately tracing his six pack abs.  He opened his eyes, suddenly aware that he was aroused beyond belief.  When she slid her fingers beneath the waistband of his swim trunks and lingered there for a few dangerous seconds, he finally decided he couldn’t take it any more.

Turning around, he pulled her down from the ledge and peeled off her swimsuit. They kissed hungrily, exploring one another’s bodies until she was shrieking with delight.

Finally, Brett slid out of his trunks and entered her slowly, pulling her legs up over his shoulders as he worked feverishly at pleasing her.  When he saw her eyes roll back into her head he knew that he’d succeeded.  With his hands planted firmly on her shoulders, he picked up the pace and reveled in her squeals of utter delight.  Moments later, he exploded inside of her and closed his eyes as his body jolted in violent tremors. 

“Suzanne?” Brett asked.  “Looks like the baby’s not the only one who’s sleepy.”

Suzanne opened her eyes, her feet still dangling in the hot tub.  Her face was flushed and her heart was beating wildly inside her chest.  It took her a moment but eventually she realized she’d only been daydreaming.  She was still in her swimsuit and there was no awkward body contact between them. 

“No, I was just closing my eyes for a minute,” she said, standing up and handing him a towel.  She watched as he emerged from the Jacuzzi, swim trunks still intact.  “I guess that goes to show how unexciting my life is these days.”

Brett grinned and dried himself off.  “Listen, if you have things to do I can always find another sitter for Violet.  I don’t want to impose on you-“

“Don’t be silly,” Suzanne corrected him, still blushing from the erotic, yet highly inappropriate daydream.  “I love looking after my granddaughter.  And anything I can do to help you while Heather is away is absolutely my pleasure.”

“I appreciate that,” he said.  “Heather is lucky to have you as a mother.”

The only response Suzanne could muster was a meager smile.  Lucky to have her as a mother?  If they gave out awards for mother’s fantasizing about their daughter’s husbands, then sure, she’d be a shoe-in.  How could she even think such thoughts?  Her daughter was away at a mental institution fighting for her sanity, and she couldn’t stop thinking about getting naked with her husband.  Lucky, indeed. 

“Well, I’m going to go change,” Brett said.  “Thanks again, Suzanne.”

She smiled again, watching his chiseled physique as he made his way back inside the house.  She needed a hobby, she decided.  This was getting ridiculous. 

Benji Rydell

Benji and Duke decided to spend the morning at the pool at Moonshadows, which as of lately happened to be the best place for scoping out parties they could crash.  Since Paris Hilton had been spotted there recently, the number of young Hollywood royalty who patroned the resort had quadrupled.

They staked out a bungalow with the best view and bribed the bartender into serving them anything they wanted.  Slipping on a pair of Dolce shades, Duke nestled back into his chair and began crowd watching. 

“I can’t believe that old douche bag is trying to set Sierra up with some guy,” Benji said angrily when he saw Renee pass along the path to the main hotel.  “Maybe she doesn’t want to be set up.  Maybe she’s just happy to be free of Malcolm Harris.”

“Or maybe you’re just pissed because Renee Dewitt is auctioning off your girlfriend to the highest bidder,” Duke countered with a smirk.  “It’s obvious you and this girl have a thing.”

“It’s more than a thing,” Benji said thoughtfully.  “Oh, and don’t you think you’re laying on the good boy routine a little thick?  I thought my dad was about bend over for you yesterday at the restaurant.”

Duke grinned maliciously.  “I’ve learned how to deal with parents and the more you feed them what they want to hear the better off you are.  I’m sure you’ve found the same thing since you’ve been back in the states.” 

“You’re still not helping things.  I could tell my dad was all about us becoming attached at the hip.  He’s going to expect me to turn into your clone.”

“So give him what he wants.  Us hanging out could be beneficial to both of us.”

“How so?”

Their conversation was interrupted when Jeff Branigan approached in his trademark board shorts that were a touch too long and covered most of his compact legs.   “Duke Summerfield?” he asked while compulsively chewing on a drink straw, another trademark.  “No way.  What are you doing here, dude?”

“Just hanging out for a few days.”

“Cool.  Summer here?  I haven’t seen her in a few weeks.”

Duke glared menacingly at him from behind his blackout shades.  “We’re getting together later.  I’m spending the day with my bud Benji.” 

“Yeah, what’s up Rydell?  You get busted with everyone else at my party the other night?  Don’t remember you in the line of fire.”

“No, we left early,” Benji replied.  “Heard you got busted though.  Cops get your stash?”

Jeff laughed with amusement.  “No, we planted it all on this douche bag from Van Nuys.  Lost a lot of kick ass shit but there’s plenty more of that.  I’ve got a good supplier.” 

“Aces,” Duke said sarcastically from behind clenched teeth. 

“Well, see you boys later,” Jeff said as two blondes in bikini’s approached and aligned themselves on either side of him.  “Say hey to Summer when you see her.”

“You bet,” Duke said, still glowering.

Once Jeff had vanished from sight, Benji shook his head in amazement.  “How does that guy get girls like that?  He’s a total tool."

“Word has it his dick is bigger than yours, so you know he’s a monster,” Duke said off-handedly.  “I’d love to see that smug grin wiped permanently off his douchey face.” 

Benji frowned and took a gulp of his drink.  “What is it with you two anyway?”

“Never mind,” Duke replied dismissively.  “Besides, I thought we were talking about you and Sierra.”

Shrugging, Benji adjusted the waistband on his swim trunks.  “What can I do?  Her mother’s determined to set her up with this guy.  She’s in New York and I’m here.  It’s hopeless.”

“Not necessarily.”

“What do you mean?”

“Give me a little time and I’ll come up with something.”

Brooke Taylor

“I’m going to stab her with her own stilettos,” Brooke Taylor growled when Stormy Blackthorne entered her office at Sunset Studios. “Do you have any idea what she’s done this time?”


“Jackie,” Brooke replied angrily while thrusting a piece of paper at him.  “She changed the press release I wrote for tomorrow night's premiere of Angel Assassin 2.  I mean look at this.  It’s all about the glory days of the studio when Jonas Lamont ran the show.  It’s got nothing to do with the movie or the fact that you acted as co-producer.  She’s really done it this time.”

“Take it easy.  We don’t need you going all Single White Female on her.  There’s got to be some kind of mistake.  Jackie wouldn’t deliberately change your press release.  What courier did you use?”

“The one we always use.  I left it in the reception area yesterday.  I know they picked it up because I-“   Her gaze traveled to the floor to ceiling glass walls that surrounded her office.   When a young man passed through the hallway and made his way to the elevators, Brooke immediately ran after him.  “Hey, kid!”

“Yeah?” Steven asked, intimidated by the way she rushed toward him.

Brooke and Stormy looked him up and down, his torn faded jeans, Raiders t-shirt, backwards baseball cap, and leather flip flops.  They’d seen him there before, always in and out doing things for Jackie, but no one really knew what he was up to.

“What are you doing here?” Stormy asked.

“Picking some things up for Miss Lamont,” the young man said.  He was nineteen, tall, muscled and tan with an adorable face. “I’m her gofer.”

Brooke rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, I know.  Did you pick something up for her yesterday and take to the papers?”


Brooke ran her fingers through her hair and turned to Stormy.  “I knew it.  She switched out my press release and sent it out before I could do anything about it.”

“Do we have to start checking everything that leaves this office?” Stormy asked.   

 Suddenly a thought occurred to Brooke.  A way to prove that Jackie was out to sabotage her.  She turned back to Steven and pointed a slender finger at him.  “Did she have you bring a script to Rydell Productions a couple of weeks ago?”

Steven looked at her nervously.  He hadn’t signed up for any of this.  All he wanted to do was work for someone in the business so he could put it on his resume when he got out of film school.  Plus it didn’t hurt that his boss was a fox. 

“Uh, I think I should go,” he said when he heard the elevator ring, indicating it had arrived on their floor.   He quickly darted inside the car and waited for the doors to close.

“Hey, I asked you a question you little-“ Brooke called after him.

Stormy sighed and put a hand on her shoulder.  “Relax, he doesn’t know anything.  But at least now we know she changed the press release.  I think we should confront her tomorrow night at the premiere.”

“Oh I’m going to do more than that,” Brooke said with determination.  “I’m going to play just as tough and nasty as she is.  Before I’m through, she’ll be the one wanting out of the company.”

Alex Reynolds

Alex spent her lunch break trying to call Kyle in hopes of smoothing things over after the way they left things the night before.  Much to her disappointment, he wasn’t answering his cell phone.  She regretted questioning his claim about what happened with that explosion that landed him a three-year prison sentence.  She felt herself making the same mistakes with him that she did with Jordan.  It wasn’t that long ago that she suspected her ex-husband of murdering his own wife.  That, coupled with believing Benji’s lies about Jordan’s alleged abuse of his own son, led to the demise of their marriage.  She refused to make the same mistakes with Kyle.

Her stomach in knots, she reached into her purse for another pill.  One more wouldn’t hurt.  Lately they were the only thing getting her through the day, and as long as she didn’t lose track of how many she’d taken like she did when she was taken to the hospital for an overdose, she’d be fine.

She swallowed it down with a sip of water just as her agent, Vince, knocked on the door and entered with a grin. 

“How’s my star client doing?” he singsonged from the doorway.

Alex couldn’t help but laugh.  “Aren’t I your only client?”

“Yes, but it’s only a matter of time before word gets out that I landed you the most coveted role in daytime.  They’ll be beating down my door for representation.  Who knows, maybe I can lure Cassidy Solomon over to our camp.  Do you know who represents her?”

Alex rolled her eyes in disinterest.  “The devil himself as far as I know.  She’s awful, Vince.  Every word that comes out of her mouth is spiteful and vindictive.  I swear, she’s jealous of my being here.”

“But she’s been the star of the show for fifty years.  What does she have to be jealous of?”

She leveled a you’ve got to be kidding me look on him.  “Because I’m the new blood on the show and she’s worried that she’s outlived her usefulness.”

“You’re not the first actress to play Faye Richards.”

“But I’m the most famous.  Need I remind you I have a film premiering tomorrow night?  Trust me, Vince, she’s shaking in her boots that her contract won’t be renewed next month, and I think she has a right to be worried.  There’s only room for one diva on this show.” 

Jackie Lamont

Jackie made her way though the lobby at Moonshadows, stopping when Renee approached her after leaving the restaurant. 

“Hello Jackie.  Lovely to see you again.” 

“I wish I could say the same for you.”

Renee folded her hands before her and smiled pleasantly.  “If you’re referring to what transpired between us in your suite the other night-“

“You mean when you slapped me?” Jackie cut her off with a chortle.

“It was unfortunate but I believe we both said things that we might now regret.”

“The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get a chance to hit back.  Make no mistake, Renee, next time I will.”

Before she could turn and walk away, Renee called after her again.  “And make no mistake, I meant what I said about leaving Brooke alone.  If you mess with her or anyone else that I care about, I’ll make you sorry.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Yes,” Renee replied matter-of-factly.  She smiled and walked across the lobby. 

Fed up with Renee DeWitt’s holier than thou attitude, Jackie decided to make it a top priority to take her down a peg, and she knew exactly how to do it.

Shifting her attention to the front desk, she spotted David and quickly raced to catch up with him.

“Darling, there you are,” she said.  “I’ve been calling your office all day.”

“I’ve been at the construction site.  The Admiral’s Club is opening in a week and there’s a lot of work left to be done.  What can I do for you, Mother?  I’ve kind of busy.”

Jackie led him aside, uncertain of how she was going to get any information out of him without casting suspicion on herself.  She had to find out what T.T.’s key opened, and since he sent it to David without any explanation, she had to assume that he knew.

“Frankly I’m worried about you,” she said.  “This whole mess with Kyle Fenwick has me convinced that he’s going to do something rash.”

“Let me worry about Kyle Fenwick,” David replied with a wave of his hand while shuffling through a stack of papers in his hands.  “He has nothing to tie me to that explosion.” 

“But maybe there’s something that can prove he’s guilty,” Jackie suggested.  “Maybe this will all go away if you-“

“Mom, I told you to leave it to me.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to return some phone calls and get a new locksmith in here because that club isn’t going to open on time otherwise.”

Sighing, Jackie watched as he approached the front desk agent and handed him a stack of envelopes.

“This mail was sent to Mr. Levitt after he checked-out.  Please see to it that it’s forwarded to him in New York.”  He handed him the mail, unaware that his mother was watching closely.  “Then I want you to find the foreman and shut the construction site down for the rest of the day.  Two tile workers got stuck in the club because the damn door kept jamming closed.” 

“Right away, Mr. Jennings,” said the agent, placing the mail neatly on the end of the counter.

After David had disappeared, Jackie quickly approached the front desk and eyed the stack of mail.  “Excuse me,” she said to the agent.  “Can you see if I have any messages?”

“Of course, Miss Lamont,” he said and walked to the end of the counter.

When she was sure he wasn’t looking, Jackie reached down and flipped through the stack of mail.  Magazine subscription renewals, credit card offers, bills…

“No messages, ma’am,” said the agent when he returned. 

“Thank you,” Jackie said, cleverly pushing a cup of pens onto the floor behind the counter.  “Oh I’m so sorry.”

“No problem,” said the agent with a smile.

When he bent down to retrieve the pens, Jackie continued looking through T.T.’s mail.  Finally, she came across a thick envelope from a bank in New York.  Printed above the address window in red letters was Statement Enclosed.  Jackpot.  She grabbed the envelope and quickly tucked it beneath her purse.

Moments later, the door to her suite opened and she flung her purse onto a chair, tearing the envelope open with one perfectly manicured nail.  Once she had it open, she unfolded the stack of pages that detailed every transaction in T.T.’s account.   She skimmed through each page, carefully determining the source of each charge to his account.

Finally, she found what she was looking for.  A debit of twenty-five dollars from a post office in Big Bear.  Of course.  T.T. knew that David had a cabin in Big Bear. 

Reaching into her purse, she removed the post office box key.  She now had the means to get whatever information Kyle Fenwick was hiding.  Using it to undermine Brooke was going to be a challenge, she decided.  But with a certain amount of manipulation, she could use Kyle's obvious infatuation with her to discredit her.  

Picking up the phone, she decided to set her plan into motion.  She dialed Steven’s number while gears turned in her head.

“I’ve got another errand for you.”

Alex Reynolds

“You can’t keep me locked up in here forever,” Alex said methodically, backing up through the attic room.  “Sooner or later someone’s going to come looking for me.”

“It’s been ten years and no one has come looking for you,” Max Sullivan replied, looming over her with dark, penetrating eyes.  “Because they think you’re dead.  They think you died in that explosion, Faye.”

“But I had a family!” she cried, turning away and sobbing into her hands.  “Now you’re telling me they don’t even know I’m alive?  That I’m completely alone?”

“You’re not alone,” Max said, taking her by the shoulders and pulling her toward him.  “You have me.  You’ll always have me.” 

Alex clung to him as he kissed her.  Max didn’t bother to ever use the standard fake kissing techniques that they’d learned in acting school.  Instead, he practically swallowed her mouth with his, slipping his tongue inside for good measure.

The script called for her to resist.  No problem.  She pulled away, ad libbed a slap for maximum effect, and stood back.  Light headed and a little foggy from the oxycodone, she stumbled and failed to regain her balance.  Her vision became spotty and her muscles weakened.  Before long, she was sailing into the camera equipment next to the set.

“Cut!” called the director, Alexander Marsh.  He removed his headphones and threw them onto a cart positioned nearby.  The entire rest of the crew threw their hands up in resignation, prompting Mackenzie Stone to approach in a fury.

“What the hell was that?” she demanded, glaring angrily at Alex as Max attempted to help her to her feet.  “Did you forget how to walk since this morning?”

“I'm sorry,” Alex said with a frown as she tried to regain her balance.  Slowly the spots vanished and her vision became normal again.  She still felt light-headed and was a little too high for her own good, but she didn’t think it showed. 

“So what, wardrobe gave you two left shoes?”  Mackenzie demanded.  She shook her head in frustration.  “Take five everyone.  Clean this mess up and get back to work.”

“I’m sorry, Mackenzie,” Alex repeated stepping off the set and allowing the makeup department to touch her up.  “I don’t know what happened.”

“Are you on drugs?” she asked.  “Because I warned you I wouldn’t stand for it on my show.”

“No, of course not.  I just didn’t eat and I’m feeling a little dizzy.”

“Jesus, do I have to hold your hand and tell you to eat too?” Mackenzie asked bitterly before turning and shouting through the studio.  “Would someone get Miss Tenderfoot a damn cracker?”

When she stormed off with clipboard in hand, Cassidy Solomon approached from the sidelines, blond hair teezed to oblivion.  “Tough break, Sweetie.  She’ll be watching you like a hawk from now on.”

“What?” Alex asked, taking a glass of juice from a script supervisor. 

“Well, skipping lunch doesn’t make your pupils the size of golfballs,” Cassidy said with a nudge before turning and walking back off the set.

Taking a deep breath, Alex glanced around to see if anyone had watched the exchange.  The last thing she needed was a reputation on set.  If Cassidy could tell she was high, then Mackenzie sure as hell could.  She’d have to be more careful in the future.  No more pills at work, period.

Duke Summerfield

Duke Summerfield’s family’s house was just around the corner from the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Nestled at the top of a hill and shrouded in trees, the enormous palace was a mix of old world Victorian and contemporary ornate design.  Other than a few servants, the house was uninhabited.  The bar, however, was fully stocked. 

“So what do you think?” Benji asked him as he turned the stereo to a track by Cut/Copy, his favorite new musical act.

“About what?”

“About Sierra and this Hunt Roberts dude.  You said you were going to come up with an idea to stop it.”

“I may be in a position to help you, but there’s something you’ll have to help me with in return,” Duke said mysteriously, walking to the walnut stained bar across the room.

“What?” Benji asked, immediately wondering if Duke had ulterior motives for his visit to Los Angeles.

“I have an enemy who needs to be neutralized by any means necessary.  That nitwit Jeff Branigan has been making my life a living hell.  It’s time he got what’s coming to him.”

“What do you have against Jeff Branigan?” Benji wanted to know.  “You practically gave him the death stare back at the pool today.”

“He stole something from me.  Something of particular value and I want it back.”


“That’s not important,” Duke replied, pouring them each a glass of vodka and handing one to Benji.  “Let’s just say that we engaged in a friendly bet while I was home visiting last summer while my mom recuperated from her plastic surgery.  Branigan won the bet and took something that I want back.”

“Well, if he won the bet then it’s only fair.  No offense, but doesn’t sound like you have much to stand on.”

“Nothing about life is fair, Rydell.  Haven’t you learned anything being privileged?”

Benji disregarded the ominous remark.  “So you and Branigan got into it over a bet.  Doesn’t sound like it makes him much of an enemy.”

“That’s only half of it.  I’ve been dating Summer Solomon off and on for the last few months.   She came out to New York last week and told me she got the clap from somebody.  I happen to know Jeff Branigan was the one who gave it to her.”

“How do you know that?” Benji asked, swallowing nervously when he realized the  connection.  He’d been with Summer Solomon in the ally outside Area a few weeks before after he’d found out Scott Kelly gave him the clap.  Apparently for one reason or another Summer hadn’t revealed this to Duke, and now he thought she got it from Jeff. 

“He’s been after her for months, and she can’t keep her legs closed to save her life.  Someone from L.A. sent me a sext that clearly showed her going down on him in the back of his car a week before she came out to New York.”        

Benji swallowed his drink nervously.  Obviously telling him that Jeff Branigan wasn’t the one who gave Summer the clap was out of the question.  “So I help you destroy Jeff Branigan and what do I get in return?” he found himself asking.

“You want Hunt Roberts to stay away form your little girlfriend at Sarah Lawrence, don’t you?”


“Roberts has a big coke problem.  Spends thousands a week on the nasty little habit.  We went to a party in the Village once and he tried to get me to snort the stuff off some hooker’s tits but personally I don’t touch the stuff.  Coke or hookers.  I’m sure Sierra or her mother wouldn’t find him to be such a worthy candidate for her dance card if they knew about his penchant for nose candy.”

“Not at all,” Benji said with a grin.  “But how do we prove it?”

Duke smiled, digging his hands in his pockets   “I’ll give you one guess on who supplies our friend Hunt Roberts with his drug of choice.”

Benji couldn’t believe it.  “Jeff Branigan?”

“Bingo,” he said.  “Him and his taco slinging brother apparently have the best stuff anywhere and Hunt has it shipped in on a regular basis.  One discovery and it could blow their operation wide open, I get my property back, and I get my revenge for him cramming his dick down Summer’s throat.”

“And Hunt stays away from Sierra.”

“So do we have a deal?”


Brett Armstrong

Brett’s office at Rydell Productions boasted a picture window with a clear view of the marina.  He often found himself gazing outside and falling into a dreamlike state, usually with thoughts of the family life that was now seemingly out of reach.  Heather, whom he loved more than he thought possible, was tucked away in an institution in San Francisco for eighteen long months, leaving him to care for their daughter on his own.

The only saving grace had been Suzanne, eager to help with the daily rearing of a one-year old that he had no idea how to care for himself.  While he loved Violet more than anything, he was often clueless as to what she needed.  His areas of expertise so far had been how to successfully bed as many women as possible, and running Rydell Productions while Jordan took a sabbatical.  Not exactly father material, but he sought to change that in time.

Business, however, was on the forefront for the day’s activities.  When Stormy arrived at his office with his usual chip on his shoulder, Brett quickly pushed aside any thoughts of his troubled personal life. 

“Okay, I’m here,” Stormy declared when he walked in.  “What was so important that I had to drop everything and hi-tail it across town?”

The Standoff,” Brett said while handing him a script.  “I want you to have it.”

Stormy regarded him with suspicion.  “Why the change of heart?  You secured the rights fair and square.”

“Not really.  Finn Lambert had a verbal agreement with Sunset Studios and I offered him more money to go with Rydell Productions.  Poaching scripts isn’t the way I want to do business anymore.”

Stormy looked at the cover of the script and shook his head in amusement.  “I suppose this is more of the new Brett that you’ve been preaching about.  First you settle down with a family and then you take an honest approach at business.  Come on, who do you think you’re fooling?”

“No one.  I have changed, Stormy, believe it or not.  I’m not that same con man who manipulated himself into your family.”

“And drugging my father, and putting Heather’s life in danger, and blackmailing Lauren into sleeping with you…” Stormy added for good measure. 

Smiling, Brett sat down behind his desk.  “Like I said, I’ve changed.”

“That may be, but sooner or later you’re going to slip up.  I just hope to hell that it doesn’t push Heather’s recovery back.” 

“I don’t need advice on my marriage.”

“But you do need to work on your timing if you’re going to try to pull the wool over my eyes.  Finn Lambert is being sued by his ex-roommate for stealing the idea for The Standoff.  It was in the paper today, which I’m guessing you already knew.  Nice try, though.”

Brett watched him as he made his way to the door.  Yes, he already knew about the dispute, but he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t try to put a selfless spin on it for good measure.  Nobody changes completely. 

Jordan Rydell

Jordan Rydell sped down Vine Street at dusk.  After a full day of eighteen holes of golf he was eager to get home.  Why, he wasn’t entirely sure.  There was no one waiting for him.  Alex was his ex-wife for the second time, Heather was away at an institution, Benji was now living with Suzanne, and Stephanie had made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him.  A better course of action seemed to be spending all night at a strip joint getting good and drunk.  Maybe even getting a little action in the back room. 

But before he could make up his mind on which road to take, he was being pulled over by an unmarked car.  Slamming his palm into the steering wheel, he downshifted and maneuvered the car to the side of the road as lights flashed from behind.  

“Brilliant,” he muttered under his breath.  He hadn’t been going that far over the speed limit.  Ten miles tops.  Maybe fifteen. 

It took less time than usual for the cop to approach his window.  Usually they took their own sweet time, making you sweat it out while you waited with license and registration in hand. 

“Do you know how fast you were going?” said the female officer.

“Look, I spaced out for a minute.  It won’t happen again, okay?”

“I guess I can let you off this time,” she said, leaning down through the open window. 

When Jordan looked over at her, he smiled with the realization that it was Stephanie. Much to his surprise, she smiled back, something he hadn’t seen her do in a very long time.

“Must be slumming it tonight,” he said with a grin.  “Either that or I'm the luckiest guy on the road."

“I was on my way home from the station and saw you pass me.  Thought this was the best way to get your attention.”

“There’s always the phone,” Jordan replied with a wink. 

Stephanie grew serious and leveled a look of pity in his eyes.  “Look, I’m sorry for the way things went down the other night. After Kyle came over and they arrested him.  I was pretty harsh with you and you didn’t deserve that.  I told you before I think you’re a good guy, Jordan.”

“Just not good enough to let your guard down with?” he asked.

She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky that grew darker with every minute.  “It’s too dangerous,” she said.  “If the other night wasn’t proof of that then I don’t know what else I can do make you see it.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“People around me get hurt.”

“Your ex-partner?  That wasn’t your fault.”

“I could have prevented it.  I was too busy thinking I was in love with Kyle to see who he was.  By the time I realized it, it was too late.  Dugan went up with that hotel when it exploded.”

“But in this equation, I’m Kyle Fenwick.  Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

“I trust you enough.  It’s my own instincts that I don’t trust.”

He saw her beginning to pull away from the door and he reached his hand out to hers.  “Stephanie, wait.” 

“No,” she said, pulling away and shaking her head.  “That’s all I wanted to say.  I’m sorry things can’t be different, Jordan.  I really am.”

With that, she disappeared behind the car.  In a flash, she was pulling out onto the road and speeding past him.  With a sigh, he started his engine again and continued on the way home.  Suddenly the strip bar wasn’t sounding too appealing. 

Blackthorne Mansion

James poured two glasses of brandy, handing one to David and nursing the other as he walked across the expansive library at the Blackthorne mansion.  A crackling fire roared in the fireplace, entrancing David as he stared at the flickering flames.  

"So he's telling the truth about Thomerson being his father," David said.  "Who is this woman that claims to be his mother?"

"I can't tell you that," James said.  "I promised her I wouldn't.  I've got to keep that promise."

Sighing, David turned away from the fire.  "So now of course you're wondering what else he may be telling the truth about, isn't that right?  You think there may be something to his claim that he's innocent of those charges he went to prison for."

"He seems determined to set the record straight," James announced.

"James, I absoulutely did not blow up that hotel, and I had no idea about that drug operation.  Come on, you know me, James.  We're friends.  You and my father were friends.  I wouldn't lie to you about this."

"I'm not saying you would.  I'm just saying there may be more going on here that you don't know about."

"Like what?"

"I don't know.  I'm just trying to look at the big picture here.  Say for the sake of argument Fenwick is telling the truth and someone set him up.  If it wasn't you, then who else would have something to gain?  Who would have the resources to destroy an entire hotel soley for the purpose of covering up a drug operation?"

"Fenwick was the general manager.  He had the resources."

"There was nothing tying to him to those drugs.  He could have easily shifted the blame onto you or Royce.  Why rig the place with explosives and blow it up?  Not only that but he was in custody at the time it happened.  So did he have a guy on the outside?  If so, where is he now?  Why hasn't he come forward?"

"I don't know."  Aggravated, David turned back to the fireplace and stared inside at the glowing flames.

James shrugged, swirling his brandy around in the glass.  "Royce died a few months after the explosion, didn't he?"

David turned back and nodded.  "Yeah."

"Did he know who rigged the explosion?"

"He said it was Fenwick.  Why would he say anything different?"

"He wouldn't have said anything different to you.  But maybe someone else.  Maybe he knew more than he let on."

"So what you think my father lied?  You think he had something to do with the explosion?"

James held up a hand and shook his head.  "I didn't say that, David.  I'm just saying we need to think about this from every angle.  How much does Jackie know?"

"Next to nothing," he replied with a shrug.

"Who else was in New York around that time?" James asked.  "You, Royce, Jackie, Stephanie...."

"T.T. Levitt," David added.

"T.T. was friends with Royce.  Maybe he knows something he hasn't told us."

"What are you looking for, James?" David asked angrily.  "Fenwick is a killer.  He did this.  No one else.  Why don't you just leave it at that?"

Sighing, James went to the desk across the room where various pictures of his family were laid out.  He picked up a photograph of Ethan and shook his head.  "Because I want to believe that Ethan's brother isn't a cold-hearted monster.  I need to believe there's more to it."

David looked at him warily, unsure if there was anything more to Kyle than what they already knew.  

Brooke Taylor

Why David had called her and asked her to meet him at the Admirals Club was a mystery to Brooke, but she drove to Moonshadows and took the short hike along the trail to the construction site anyway.  It seemed meeting in his office or in the hotel lobby would have been a better idea.  It was getting dark and she wasn’t too sure-footed on the unfinished terrain. 

With the sound of the waves rolling onto the beach, she strained to listen for any signs of activity inside the half-finished building.  It seemed construction had halted for the day.  Maybe David wanted to show her the progress.  She was part-owner of the resort, after all, and any new construction was of particular interest to her.  So when someone from the construction team called her on her cell and said David wanted to meet her there, she didn’t question.

Entering through the front door, she found a few dim lights that were working.  A quick pass through the area told her she was alone.

“David?” she called out for good measure.  “Am I late?”

Silence filled the room, the only sounds coming again from the ocean waves a few yards down the beach.  Idly, she wandered through the building, checking every room to see if he was there.  Still no sign of him.

Checking her watch, she determined that it was ten minutes past the time the construction worker had told her to be there, yet still no David. 

With a shrug, she made her way back to the front of the club.  Standing by the door was a man, but it wasn’t David. 

“What are you doing here?” she asked crossly.

“I could ask you the same thing,” replied Kyle.

Suddenly Brooke realized something was amiss.  “David wanted me to meet him here,” she said and stepped tentatively toward him.  “What about you?”

Nodding his head, Kyle dug his hands into the pockets of his jeans.  “He left me a note at my house.  Said he wanted to clear the air with me.”

Brooke regarded him carefully, her instincts telling her he was lying.  “That doesn’t sound like David.  And why would he call us both here at the same time?”

“Why don’t we ask him?  Is he here?”


“Well, I guess we’ll wait and find out.”  He folded his arms, biceps bulging from beneath the sleeves of his t-shirt.

Brooke nodded, keeping her distance as she drummed her fingers along the bar top across the room.  Her eyes flickered past him a few times, the moonlight breaking the shadows and outlining his chiseled physique.  She couldn’t help but look. 

Outside, Steven checked the door to ensure it was jammed.   He adjusted the bill on his ball cap and turned to head back up the path, satisfied that he’d completed the unusual errand.  Just as he did, a figure loomed from behind, raised a rock from the dirt and knocked him over the head.

In one swift movement, Steven collapsed unconscious onto the dirt-packed ground.  The figure quickly went to work, dousing the perimeter of the building with gasoline from a can.

“Did you hear that?” Brooke asked, turning her head to the front of the building.

 “No, what?”

“Maybe it’s David.”  She brushed past him, ignoring the way his hands brushed against her back.  She went to open the door and paused when it wouldn’t separate from the frame.   She tried again, twisting the knob and pulling it forcefully. 

“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked.

“The door won’t open.”

“Let me,” Kyle said and gently took her aside.  He ignored the way she flinched when his hands clasped around her arms.  With a firm turn of the knob and a few shakes of the door, he threw his hands up in resignation.  “It’s stuck.”

“Great, now what?” Brooke asked, watching as he worked the knob feverishly.

He looked around the club, inspected the windows which were nailed shut with boards – probably a temporary barrier before the real windows were installed.  A few attempts at prying the wood off the wall ended in a nasty cut to his thumb and forefinger. 

“Damnit!” he howled.


“Nothing,” he replied in aggravation.

“Let me see,” Brook said, taking his hand and inspecting the cuts.  “There’s splinters in there.  We’ve got to get them out before it gets infected.”

“Don’t worry about that now,” Kyle said, aroused by the close proximity of her body to his.  “Worry about how we’re going to get out of here.”

“Well, David should be here any minute.”  She looked at her watch.  “Do you have your cell?”

“In the car.”

“Mine too,” she said. 

“Great.  So I guess we wait.”

Brooke walked across the room to find something to wrap his fingers in.  Pausing, she looked up at him suspiciously.  “This wouldn’t be your doing, would it?”


“This whole arrangement.  Us winding up in the same place at the same time.  The door conveniently locking us in.  David never left you a note, did he?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact he did.”  He reached into his pocket and thrust a piece of paper at her.  “Here, satisfied?”

Brooke inspected the handwritten note.  She shook her head thoughtfully.  “David didn’t write this,” she said. 

“How do you know?”

“Because I know his handwriting and this isn’t it,” she said.  Again she went to the door and tried the knob.  “Someone wanted us to end up here together.  If it wasn’t you then someone else has a very sick sense of humor.”

“Easy,” Kyle said, pulling her from the door so she wouldn’t hurt herself.  “There’s no reason to get panicky.”

Staggering backwards, she fell into his arms.  When he held her for a few too many seconds, she turned and cast a scowl at him.  “You can let go now,” she said. 

Throwing his hands up, Kyle turned away from the door.  “You can be a real joy to be around sometimes, you know that?”

“You barely know me.  You have no idea what I’m like to be around.”

“I know you spend most of your time denying the way I make you feel.”

“And how do you make me feel?” she challenged him, arms folded. 

 “I excite you.  Admit it.” 

“You’re not quite enough to get me excited, Kyle.  Suspicous, yes, but excited no.”

He offered a big hearty laugh, meeting her gaze with his.  “If you’re suspicious it’s just because of the lies your brother tells you about me.  Name one thing I’ve done to make you not trust me.”

“You’re so secretive.  You came to town and hooked up with Alex Reynolds, then you announced that you’re Will Thomerson’s son, and then you drop this bomb that David set you up and sent you to prison.  Oh, and don’t forget about your showing up for Michael’s first day of kindergarten.  What was that?”

“He’s my nephew and I’d like to get to know him.  Nothing suspicious about that.”

“It’s plenty suspicious,” Brooke maintained.  Her heart raced.  Something about him got her charged up.

“You know what I think?” he asked.

“I don’t care,” she snapped.

“I think you’re so attracted to me that you don’t care if I’m trustworthy or not.”

“Some ego!” she gasped, admittedly turned on by his self-confidence.

“Am I wrong?” Kyle asked, moving closer.

“Very wrong.”

As he neared, he put his arms on her waist and pulled her into a long, hot kiss.  At first she didn’t fight him.  His lips were so inviting.  Salty and warm.  The feeling of his tongue massaging her tongue was europhoric, almost knee-weakening.  Her heart rate increased dramatically.

Finally, she pulled away, casting him a look of warning.  “Don’t try that again,” she said.

He smiled.  “What are you talking about? You loved it.  You were so into it.”

“You caught me off guard, that’s all.”

“Hey, I know when a girl is into me, and sweetheart, you’re into me.”

But Brooke was no longer listening to him.  Any conflict with her feelings for him faded into the back of her mind.  “Do you smell that?”

“It’s chemistry,” he said with a self-assured grin.

“No, something’s burning,” she said, heading for the door.  “Look, there’s smoke coming in.”

Kyle followed her to the door.  He reached for the handle and tried it, wincing with pain when he found it blazing hot. 

“What’s going on?” Brooke asked.

“This place is on fire,” Kyle replied ominously.

Jackie Lamont

Jackie hadn’t been to Big Bear since before she and Royce were divorced.  It was like going for a walk back in time.  Suddenly thoughts of his treachery and the heartbreak over learning of his affair with Roz Taylor overwhelmed her.  The summers that they spent at the cabin just so he could spend time with his precious babydoll.  Then finally having enough and forbidding him to see her again.  Royce hated her for it, but she paid Roz off to keep her and Brooke away.  For years their marriage was strained, finally resulting in their imminent divorce.  Sadly, just a few years later, Royce died in a tragic car accident.  Despite their differences, she never got over the loss.

Now that his daughter was in the picture, she was more determined that ever.  In no way could she allow Brooke Taylor to continue as part owner of her father’s movie studio.  She would do whatever it took to excise her, including theft from her own son.

So far her plan was working perfectly, Jackie thought to herself as she left the post office in Big Bear.  She’d found the post office box that T.T.’s key unlocked and was minutes away from learning the secrets he knew about Kyle Fenwick.  On top of that, she’d arranged for a secluded rendezvous between Kyle and Brooke.  With the help of Steven, her personal gofer, she’d managed to lure them both to the construction site at Moonshadows.  Thanks to overhearing David’s discussion with his crew, she knew that the door would jam and they would be stuck together for hours, leaving them with not much to do to pass the time but get very close.  Being the hopeless romantic that she was, Brooke would start the comparisons between Kyle and Ethan and in a matter of time would wind up in his bed.

Once she unearthed T.T.’s secret information about Kyle and labeled him the criminal that he was, James and David and everyone else would see how foolish Brooke was for falling for such a man.  Their confidence would be lost and before long she’d be out the door at Sunset Studios. 

With a smile on her face, Jackie nestled back in the driver’s seat of her car and opened the ecru envelope that she’d found in T.T.’s post office box.  Inside were photographs of a Mercedes that had been wrecked beyond recognition, newspaper clippings pertaining to Royce’s car accident near Santa Barbara, a few letters to Royce from Kyle's father, Don Fenwick, and a police report written by Stephanie Callahan labeling Royce’s accident as a homicide. 

Reading through the material, Jackie covered her mouth with her hands and squeezed a few tears from her big green eyes. 

“Oh God!  Royce!!  You were murdered!”

Kyle Fenwick

Back at the construction site, Brooke coughed heavily, a deep throated cough that alarmed Kyle as he tried to find a way out of the burning building.  Pulling at the boards covering the windows, he used his shirt to cover his nose and mouth.  From the corner of his eye he could see Brooke fading fast.  He had to find a way out of there, or at the very least get one of the boards off the windows to let the smoke out.  

“Kyle!” Brooke wheezed, sinking to her knees.  “Hurry!  I can’t breathe!”

Adrenaline pushed him into fast action.  In one swift movement, Kyle ripped the wooden board from one of the window openings.  Pulling it from the wall, nails and all, he looked out through the opening with nothing but devastation spread across his sweaty face. 

Fire was erupting from the ground, covering the window opening and exploding inside as if a mote surrounding a castle.  He backed up, eyes wide in total and complete terror.

Turning, he saw Brooke finally collapse unconscious.  Panicked, he raced to her side and used his t-shirt to cover her face.  Looking around at their surroundings, he was faced with the possibility that they were trapped with fire closing in on them at every angle. 

Next time....

Kyle searches for a way out of the club.  Jackie contemplates what she should do with the new information.  Kyle's father arrives in Los Angeles.  



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