New Directions

While no new episodes of The Blackthornes are being produced, there’s still much more story to tell. The long-rumored as-yet untitled prequel series is currently in pre-production for a possible release date of late 2016. Details are being kept closely guarded, but expect the unexpected when this new series makes it debut. In other words, don’t assume you’re in store for a rehash of already-told story through the myriad of flashbacks throughout the six seasons of The Blackthornes. In other other words, don’t expect it to be the adventures of young James and Alex. (Hint: The story moves through several decades and centers on Lola and Jonas.) Naturally, younger versions of your favorite characters will make appearances, they’re anything but the focus. Inspiration for the series came from recent viewings of classic 80’s mini-series now available on DVD. Movies like I’ll Take Manhattan, Sins, and Lace all centered on long epic stories dating back decades. It’s these principles that the Blackthornes was founded on, and what will drive the franchise into the future for years to come.

You may have noticed the elusive seventh season of The Blackthornes has vanished from the web. The reason: I hated it. Or most of it. Some stories, like Michael’s death and Kelly’s rape by Keaton, were among my favorite stories that I’ve written. But for me, I find it easier to accept that Season 6, the series original ending, was the end. You can’t go back and recapture the magic sometimes, and while that’s a hard pill to swallow, is a fact that I’m growing accustomed to. At any rate, expect new and great things in the coming years. I’m more excited than ever about what lies ahead.

Until then….

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