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Method to the Madness (Single Version)

I thought I’d share some secrets of how I produce an episode from start to finish.  Brace yourselves, it’s very scientific (insert sarcastic remark here).  I start about 2 days after releasing the previous episode (I need a break for … Continue reading

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The Luscinia Megarhynchos Fragmentation

This episode was fun because it gets to the meat of the crossover with Nightingales.  I like the technique of having a scene end in one series, and the same scene pick up in the next.  AMC & OLTL did … Continue reading

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The One With The Snake

Another standard episode I guess, not that it doesn’t have its relevance, but it basically moves story along at an even clip as opposed to throwing a bunch of twists at you.  We’re in that stage of my typical season … Continue reading

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