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The Ethereal Goddess

Another busy episode (this one named after one of Warren’s psycho-babble feel-good rants from Strangers) , so I invariably had to leave out a few characters again.  James, Ethan, Brooke and the whole “Ethan’s alive and in jail” scenario goes … Continue reading

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We Are All Strangers

Strangers probably feels more like a Blackthornes episode than its two predecessors.  My favorite part of the episode was the trashy exchange between Kelly and Neil outside the grocery store.   This was actually inspired by a real life encounter I … Continue reading

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Flashback Amplification Deviation

This episode attempts to fill in the blanks between episodes 91 and 131.   From the Stars picks up directly after Do Not Fault or Blame.   It begins and ends in the middle of a sentence, a gimmick I borrowed from my … Continue reading

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