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Little known facts about The Blackthornes


Benji's Greatest Hits

A list of the dirtiest deeds committed by this trouble-making youth


Deaths in Hollywood

A list of every death up through season five


Blackthornes Bingo

Fun game to play while reading through the archives


Blackthornes: The Board Game

The official board game!



Ever wonder if a certain character's name has any significance? An inspiration for a storyline?  Correlation between a character or episode and my real life?  Or maybe something put in an episode that you missed?  Here are 21 little-known-facts about The Blackthornes.  

-Alex has made 4 references throughout the course of the series about having given birth to three children. 

-Brooke Taylor was named after Ali Larter’s character in Legally Blonde.

-Horror Movie Connection: Devon Graham was named after a character in the 1978 film Halloween.

-Every season except the first started the same way: a character in the dark with a flashlight or some other localized light source.

-The season two characters Janet Harper, Timothy Fallmont, and Samantha Fallmont were prominent characters in my first episodic endeavor from junior high school entitled The Young at Heart.

-Original plans had Alex killing Jordan in season one by hiding his heart medication.

-Horror Movie Connection:  Several references have been made to the 1981 Canadian slasher flick Happy Birthday to Me.  They are: 1) the character Will Thomerson was named after a character from the movie. 2) the character Dr. Farraday was named after a character from the movie.  3) Heather and Suzanne’s car accident depicted in season four was inspired by events in the movie.

-Episode titles named after songs by Pet Shop Boys:  12.  They are: Violence; In the Night; Yesterday, When I was Mad; One and One Make Five; The Ghost of Myself; Can You Forgive Her?; The Resurrectionist; This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave; We’re All Criminals Now; The Former Enfant Terrible; After the Event; and KDX 125.

-The character Van Edgewater was named after my best friend in high school.

-Stormy was named after a hockey player from Minnesota whom I met at a strip club.

-Stormy’s full real name is the same as James’s but reversed.  Ryan James Blackthorne. (James’ is James Ryan Blackthorne).

-Renee moved up from supporting cast to regular cast in season 3 for the sole intention of spinning her off to a sister series entitled Moonshadows. 

-Benji and Sierra’s first sexual experience together (Sierra’s first ever) was on the beach at Paradise Cove, which was where I lost my virginity.

-Most of the younger cast members’ names came from a baby names website giving suggestions for people who wanted their newborns to be groomed for Ivy League schools (e.g. Duke, Hunt, Ashton, Blake, Sheldon, etc).

-When the website launched in 2005 and I created the StarLog feature, I spent hours writing filmographies for Alex, Nathan, and Suzanne complete with names of fellow actors, directors, etc.  From these hastily put together filmographies came characters like Scott Kelly, Cassidy Solomon, Eric Autumn, Jack Childers, and Frank Dunning. 

-The season 3 finale had James being shot by Seth Walker and then taken to the hospital where he recovered.  The original version of the episode, however, had James dying at the end of the episode.  It was scrapped and rewritten only an hour before the episode was uploaded onto the site.

-The first episode of the series only featured the characters of James, Brooke, Miranda, Stormy, Heather, Ethan, Jordan, Victor, Kenny, Renee, and Marilee. 

-Suzanne referenced her Sherman Oaks rental house being on Valley Vista Blvd, which was the street I grew up on.

-The first season took just over two months to write.  The process started March 6, 2004 and was completed May 24, 2004.  The series did not make it on line until December 10, 2005.

-The first two seasons were written in “Acts”.  One episode was made up of two acts with a mini-cliffhanger in between.  When it came to releasing the episodes on line, however, I split each act into separate episodes.  Thus, every odd numbered episode ended rather abruptly. 

-No one character has appeared in all 131 episodes, but James has appeared in the most, with Brooke being a close second..


Benji's Greatest Hits

Every character has a few blemishes on their record: something they did that they later regret.  In the case of Benji Rydell, however, some people don't learn from their mistakes.  Having only arrived on scene in the last episode of season 3, this nineeteen year old has been in more trouble and been involved in more nasty schemes than even Alex or Miranda could shake a stick at. Below (in no particular order) are twenty-one of the lowest of the low; the baddest of the bad; and it's probably only the beginning.

-Kicked out of boarding school for a date rape incident with the dean's daughter.

-Brought a gun to Viper Room to “scare” Sheldon Novak.  Accidentally shot Blake instead. 

-Planted evidence that suggested his father killed his mother.

-Seduced his brother-in-law, Brett Armstrong, while Brett was intoxicated.

-Falsely promised temp receptionist at Rydell Productions an acting gig in exchange for sex.

-Transmitted Chlamydia to Summer Solomon during a one night stand and never told her.

-Violently beat a homeless man who asked him for a cigarette.

-Lured his father to Brett’s condo where Brett and Suzanne were having sex.

-Violently beat Scott Kelly with an aluminum baseball bat when he found out he got Chlamydia from him. 

-Framed Hunt Roberts for snitching on Jeff and Joba Branigan’s drug operation, who retaliated by cutting off his finger and driving him out to the desert.

-Lured Sierra to Malcolm Harris’s hotel room where Malcolm was having sex with his father’s fiancé.  

-Stole his mother’s tell-all book about her affair with Brett Armstrong and secretly had it published without her knowledge.

-Told his mother the next time she hit him, he would hit her back.

-Told Marilee about Hunt Robert’s drug habit, knowing she would tell Renee who would break up Hunt and Sierra.

-Slept with Kelly Blackthorne’s fiancé, Ke Liu.

-Told Alex that Jordan used to physically abuse him.

-Teamed up with Frank Dunning to expose Jordan as Suzanne’s alleged killer.

-Slept with the admin of a fan site so he could upload pornographic video of Summer to her mother’s website.  

-Told people at Magnum’s party that Sheldon Novak gave him a hand job.

-Crashed his car while texting, prompting Heather to go into premature labor.

-Helped Duke swindle a motorcycle back from Jeff Branigan, landing him in jail again.



From the mundane to the macabre, the grisly to the gruesome, the shocking and the unexpected, Hollywood has been home to many murders and accidental deaths.  In the first five years of The Blackthornes, we saw strangulation by lingerie, ax wielding maniacs, and multiple fatal shootings.  For the five-year anniversary, we compiled a comprehensive list of 21 of the most notorious deaths in the series’ history.  It’s a glitzy spooktacular marathon of mayhem, and with the final season upon us, there’s bound to be one or two more.

Season 1

Bailey Freeborn 

Cause of Death:  Pushed out of a hotel window

Culprit:  Devon Graham

What happened:  Bailey was Brett’s business partner in a phony tour guide operation.  When Brett tried taking off with all of their earnings, they struggled.  Later, Bailey was found dead.  Rather than risk being accused of the crime, he hooked up with the nearest alibi, Miranda Blackthorne, going as far as marrying her in a Vegas casino.  Back in L.A., Brett’s crimes caught up with him and he was arrested for Bailey’s murder.  With help from his then-best-friend, Stormy Blackthorne, he tricked former girlfriend Devon Graham into admitting that she was the cause of the twenty story fall.  Devon had been hiding in the closet during the struggle, and when Brett left, she and Bailey argued, causing him to fall from the window.  Devon was sent to prison for three years and remained there until 2010.    

Season 2

Will Thomerson  

Cause of Death:  Gunshot wound

Culprit:  Heather Rydell

What happened:  Hated by many, Will Thomerson was shot to death in his home on the night of the Filmmaker Awards.  His long list of misdeeds included setting Heather Rydell up in a cruel porn scandal, kidnapping Michael Blackthorne, dishonoring James’s beloved sister Georgie, and blackmailing Alex Reynolds.  Suspects were aplenty, ranging from Brooke, James, Stormy, Jordan, Alex, Heather and many others. Stormy and Brooke were arrested but released due to lack of evidence.  In the end it was Heather who pulled the trigger during a blackout stemming from a brutal car accident thirteen years earlier. 


Season 3

Joel Armitage 

Cause of Death:  Struck by a car

What happened:  When Will Thomerson kidnapped Michael Blackthorne, he gave him to infamous porn director Joel Armitage, whose wife Missy was unable to conceive.   Once Ethan tracked his infant son down, Joel took off on foot and was struck and killed by a car.  Before taking his last breath, he fingered Thomerson as the kidnapper.

. . . . . .

Debralee Scott

Cause of Death:   Suicide

What happened:  One of Nathan Blackthorne’s victims in a long line of sexual attacks.  Debralee aided Jordan and James in vying for charges to be dropped against the iconic matinee idol.  But when he was, she confronted him, detailing the emotional misery he inflicted on her, and then shot herself in the head. 

. . . . . .

Adrienne Fallmont

Cause of Death:  Strangled

Culprit:  Seth Walker

What happened:  Bored socialite Adrienne Fallmont began a secret affair with Congressman Seth Walker.  Seth used Adrienne for her money, using the funds to finance a gun-running operation.  When Adrienne found out and threatened to tell, Seth broke into her house and strangled her with her own pantyhose.

. . . . . .

Logan Mackenzie

Cause of Death:  Car crash

Culprit:  Seth Walker

What happened:  Logan, a geologist working for Seth Walker, found out about a cover up operation Seth was behind.  Rather than risk being implicated in the congressman’s arms deals, he threatened to go to the authorities.  Seth responded by tampering with his brakes and sending him crashing over a guardrail on PCH.

. . . . . .

Leigh Purcell  

Cause of Death:  Gunshot wound

Culprit:  Seth Walker

What happened:  The third in the evil Congressman’s list of murders, Leigh got herself in too deep when she aligned herself in an arms deal.  A romance with James Blackthorne complicated matters.  When Seth threatened James’s life, Leigh confronted him.  Seth responded by gunning her down with two bullets to the chest.  James arrived on the scene shortly after and took a bullet to the abdomen.  James survived, but Leigh sadly died from her wounds.

. . . . . .

Seth Walker

Cause of Death:   Fell from helicopter

What happened:  In the culmination of Seth’s reign of terror, he kidnapped Heather and Alex on the roof of the Los Angeles Theatre during the Filmmaker Awards.  When the helicopter he demanded came to carry him away, he tried leaving with Heather.  Brett intervened, and in the end sent Seth plummeting thirty stories to the ground.


Season 4

Frank Dunning

Cause of Death:  Earthquake

What happened:  Frank was the Angel Assassin 2 director who had a history with Jordan and Suzanne.  Once obsessed with the missing actress, he blackmailed Jordan with false knowledge that he’d killed his wife.  Frank confronted Jordan in the bar at Hotel Terranova with malicious intent, but was killed by a falling beam when the earthquake hit.

. . . . . .

Ethan Blackthorne

Cause of Death:  Earthquake

What happened:  After finally reuniting with his true love, Brooke Taylor, Ethan popped the question and asked his bride to be to leave town with him after Stormy and Kelly’s wedding.  But a call from the sitter sent him home to check on Michael.  Before he could return to his fiancé, the earthquake hit and his car was sucked into a sinkhole.  His body was never recovered, only ashes.

. . . . . .

Troy Beauchamp

Cause of Death:  Ax to the chest

Culprit:  Suzanne Rogers

What happened:  Troy, Jordan’s half-brother, was emotionally drawn to Suzanne.  He bought a locket with an intimate message engraved on the back and set off to deliver it to her.  When he arrived, however, Suzanne killed him with an ax to the chest.  At the time, she was under hypnotic suggestion administered by Jordan’s rival Victor Distefano.  She thought it was Jordan she was killing.  Jordan stumbled upon the scene and buried Troy’s body where he remained until the earthquake uncovered his decomposed body in 2008.

. . . . . .

13.  Victor Distefano

Cause of Death:  Burned/Drowned

What happened:  An unbalanced Victor kidnapped Suzanne and Heather aboard his yacht.  Before he could push them overboard, Brett arrived and saved the day.  Brett fired a flare gun at the deranged actor, catching him on fire and sending him overboard.   A  body was never found.


Season 5

Don Fenwick

Cause of Death:   Fell out of a window

What happened:  Kyle’s adoptive father arrived in L.A. to cause havoc on Brooke Taylor, the daughter of his mortal enemy Royce Jenner.  During a confrontation with David in a hotel room at Moonshadows, both men went over the railing.  David managed to twist himself in mid air and land on top of Don, rendering him brain dead on impact. 

. . . . . .

Mike (Sunset Studios Security)

Cause of Death:   Gunshot wound

Culprit:  Pacheco Cartel

What happened:  When the cast and crew of House of Palms were filming in Acapulco, their hotel was infiltrated by a drug cartel in the middle of the night.  Mike, everyone’s favorite three-hundred pound pussycat, was shot while trying to protect the others. 

. . . . . .

Cassidy Solomon

Cause of Death:  Gunshot wound

Culprit:  Pacheco Cartel

What happened:  The aging soap diva was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Pacheco cartel came looking for Brooke Taylor.  Having changed rooms in the middle of the night and insisting on anonymity, she opened the door and found the barrel of a gun pointing at her head.   

. . . . . .

Eric Autumn

Cause of Death:  Gunshot wound

Culprit:  Pacheco Cartel

What happened:  World renowned director who walked in just as Cassidy Solomon was gunned down.  Another case of bad timing as he was shot and killed and then shoved in the trunk of a car along with Cassidy. 

. . . . . .

Rob Silva

Cause of Death:  Explosion

Culprit:  Bryan Carlson

What happened:  CFO of Merteuil Industries Rob Silva found out about a shipping deal Bryan Carlson made with the Pacheco Cartel.  He was on vacation with his family when his speedboat blew up with him in it, a coverup administered by the money-hungry Bryan Carlson.

. . . . . .

Devon Graham  

Cause of Death:  Push out of a hotel window

Culprit:  Bryan Carlson

What happened:  After being released from prison, Devon returned to L.A. and immediately hooked up with her old partner Brett Armstrong.  Brett used Devon to get information out of Bryan Carlson.  After sleeping with Bryan, Devon did manage to get the dirt, but suffered as a result when he (ironically) threw her out of the hotel room window.

. . . . . .

20.  Bryan Carlson

Cause of Death:  Gunshot wound

Culprit:  FBI

What happened:  After Jackie announced in a press conference that Bryan was behind the kidnappings and murders in Acapulco, he went after her, cornering her in her office at Merteuil Industries.  Before he could do her harm, however, he was gunned down by an FBI agent.

. . . . . .

Jeff Branigan

Cause of Death:  Struck by a car

What happened:  A smarmy drug dealer who met his maker when he and Benji got into a brawl on the street outside Magnum Rainer's birthday party.  Jeff had given a pill to Summer to give to Sierra, which inadvertantly caused her to react violently.  Summer told Benji Jeff gave the pill to Sierra, prompting the argument.  Benji pushed Sierra to safety but it was Jeff who perished when a car slammed into him.



Blackthornes Bingo


Follow along with your favorite episode, season, or the whole series.  Try to get 5 squares in a row.  Use the discs provided as markers - just cut along the lines for instant game pieces. You don't win anything, but you can brag to your friends!



 The Blackthornes: The Board Game

Think you can navigate your way through the treacherous world of Hollywood power players? Avoid fires and mortal enemies and you just may make it to the end.  If you land on a square marked with a star, collect a starpower card (located below the game board) and use it to get out of sticky situations. Use any game piece, or recycle the ones from Blackthornes Bingo.  Good luck!





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