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Film File:  The Benefactor (2012)





"The Benefactor"


Written by:  A.H. Eckles

Directed by:  Keaton Hartley

 Genre:  Drama/Science Fiction


Taglines:  He was much more than a financer....


Plot Summary:

Nathan Blackthorne's return to the big screen after 2007's failed Donnie & Jonnie turned into the biggest cash cow Sunset Studios has seen since the original Angel Assassin.  Blackthorne's public life at the time was swirled in controversy following his release from prison after the murder of his daughter, Sierra Merteuil (with old flame Renee Merteuil).  Of course Blackthorne's casting as the same character in a remake of Lamont 3's earlier version wasn't all that elevated this film to cult-like status.  Several cast members and others associated with the film were the unwitting targets of a real-life serial killer.  Blackthorne emerged unscathed and became a household name nearly thirty years after his introduction into the industry by Jonas Lamont.  

      Cast overview, first billed only


Nathan Blackthorne               ... Norton

Cecily Davidson                     ... Mona

Sasha Feron                          ...Felipe



Trivia:  The director, Keaton Hartley, is Alex Reynolds biological son.


Runtime: 141 min

Country: USA

Studio: Sunset Studios

Language: English

Color: Color (Metrocolor)

Sound Mix: Dolby

Certification:   Singapore:R21 (cut) / New Zealand:R18 / Canada:R (Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario) / Canada:18+ (Quebec) (original rating) / Canada:13+ (Quebec) (re-rating) (2003) / Australia:R / Italy:VM14 (re-rating) / Argentina:18 / Finland:K-18 / France:-12 / Italy:VM18 / Norway:15 (cut) / Norway:16 (1985) / Portugal:M/18 / Sweden:15 / UK:18 / USA:R / West Germany:18 / Iceland:16


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