Been traveling a bit so this one took a little longer to put together. The big reveal in this one is that we learn what Ladys’ problem with Jonas is. I never really meant this to be a big mystery, but I tend to hold back information until it’s absolutely irritating to the reader, so I wanted to put that to and end with this episode. I’m not sure why I do that – always have, and readers have mentioned it to me. I guess I learned soap writing from Agnes Nixon, who once said “never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” Or was that Bill Bell? Not sure. Anyway, it always seemed like good advice to me. The end result doesn’t always hold up, however.

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  1. Dallas says:

    Well it seems like a lot of relationships are changing in this episode. Madleen is so insecure in her marriage! Damon was trying to explain to her what he was doing with Ann but she was having none of it. It makes you wonder where this insecurity is coming from … has he cheated on her in the past? Or has she been in previous relationships where she was cheated on? In any event, I am team Damon in this case cause Madleen just comes across crazy af. Meanwhile, Ann and Charles also are having issues because he doesn’t think she should trust Damon. I get his concern but, thus far, Damon has seemed on the up and up. I still sense a torrid affair will come from this between Ann and Damon.

    I’m glad that Royce got a reality check when it comes to Jackie and her depression. Last episode he was a complete asshole and he kinda redeemed himself in this episode. Her panic attack in the doctor’s office was very alarming … who knows how far she could go if she’s pushed.

    Ladys didn’t waste too long to reveal her secret about Jonas which I’m glad for. Having her suspect that he killed her father is sort of a classic soap tale too. I kinda feel for Lola now because she could be caught in the middle of this mess since she and Jonas are getting closer. And interesting scene with Joy discovering that Lola had a twin who passed away …

    Great episode as usual!

  2. Administrator says:

    Hey D, thank you for sharing your thoughts! LOL I had to laugh at your comments about Madleen. True, she did overreact, but you’re right there is some history with her as to why she’s so insecure. Her character hasn’t taken off yet the way I imagined her. She just comes off as a one-note psycho, so I’m hoping to change that in coming episode, or run with it and make her full-on bat-shit crazy. LOL

    I’m excited for the feud between Ladys and Jonas. You’re right, it’s a classic soap tale and one that I use a lot mainly because I think the emotions at play are so palpable and yet sometimes over the top, which you know I like.

    Ok, now that I’m thinking about it – I see Madleen as the next Kimberly Shaw! LOL

    Thank you as always for your support!

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