Bigger isn’t better ;)

I recently started watching a huge block of vintage All My Children from the late 80’s on YouTube. I was like 8 or 9 when these episodes aired, and some of them I remember watching. But upon re-watching, I notice things that strike me as interesting as a web series writer. Mostly pacing. Some storylines and characters wouldn’t be touched on for over a week’s worth of episodes; not in a neglectful way, but to give time to other storylines and also to ramp up suspense and mystery. When writing The Blackthornes, this was unheard of. I modeled it after prime time soaps that followed a certain formula. So many scenes with so many storylines had to take place in every episode. It was daunting at times. And for those familiar with the series, they know this made for some lengthy episodes. For Silver Shadows, I decided to loosen this up a bit. I wanted to have a less strict formula. To write what scenes and storylines come naturally in each episode. I don’t necessarily feel the pressure to present that complete episode that has ___ number of scenes for each storyline. I really like it! I feel less chained to a formula that at times made me shut down and not want to write. With this series, I feel like I can be a bit more free in episode structure, and a bit more creative in story progress.

These episodes are also shorter. By comparison, episodes of The Blackthornes were roughly 30 typed pages. Silver Shadows are 20. I wanted to shorten the episodes as I thought The Blackthornes was a bit too much of a bite for readers to chew off every week or so.

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  1. Bre Drew says:

    Silver Shadows
    I’m still curious as to why is Ladys is agitated everytime the name of Jonas Lamont is mentioned. I hope he didn’t harass her or perhaps she was involved with him during one or both of her marriages. Meanwhile, Jonas isn’t in love with Joy … He loves Lola … Wow!!! Poor Joy! She reminds me of Brooke from The Blackthornes. Although, James was in love with Brooke.

    It was great getting some insight on Jackie and Royce marriage too. Jackie seems she is lonely, in addition to her postpartum depression and it seems that she is a daddy’s girl through and through as she defends him to her husband. It seems Royce is almost at his wits end with her too.

    Speaking of Desperate Housewives! Ann seems miserable on her own without Charles and Renee. Perhaps she will start singing again, however, she should be weary of Kool Lusby.

    It seems that Jordan/Alicia/Troy will be an interesting young triangle. Alicia seems like she would be the type to environmentalist or something of value when she gets older. I like that, despite her crush on Troy, she calls him out on him being an idiot for dropping out of Oxford to direct movies. Whilst, Jordan seems he is coming out of his shell everytime he is around her. And their kiss was so cute.

    The Blackthornes
    Now reading the episodes with Nathan Blackthorne showing back up in LA after twenty years. James is getting on my nerves with his strong defense of his uncle, in spite of half his inner circle feeling a certain way about him. It seems that this is going to blow up in his face eventually.

    I’m liking Miranda and David Jennings so far! It’s quite ironic that I just read about him being a baby in SS. To now a full adult male pursuing his grandfather’s protégé great-niece – This is soap opera

    It seems Jordan was with her because he wants to make Alex jealous. Though I do like him being will to defend her and Sierra. I like Sierra so far! She seems so much mature than her age but at the same time has some immaturity to her as well. And it looks like
    Nathan is going to advantage of that too.

    Loving both series and will continue on reading and commenting.


  2. Administrator says:

    Oooh I like your theory about Ladys and Jonas! I hadn’t thought of that as an option but now wish I would have! Their connection was briefly hinted at in episode 1 btw. Oh and don’t poor Joy her yet – she will hold her own believe me! haha. I’m excited about Troy/Alicia/Jordan. I think it will be a nice story, and (hopefully) won’t take the road readers might expect.

    So glad you are enjoying The Blackthornes season 3, and it is funny that you’re reading about David as an adult while he’s 1 in SS. LOL Love it.

    Believe me, James getting on your nerves right now is not an uncommon sentiment! Back when these episodes were originally posted, there was some pretty strong feelings about how stupid he was being. I don’t disagree. But to me, it was a typical soap machination where one character is so blind to what everyone else sees. Still, it was pretty irritating to most, so you’e not alone!

    Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts Bre!

  3. Dallas says:

    Such a classic set up for the Jordan/Alicia/Troy triangle, Andy. Shy smitten Jordan vs the cocky confident Troy. This is going to get messy and i love.

    I’m curious about what Ladys past is with Jonas and if it has something to do with Lana. There’s so much mystery and intrigue going on in the series, I’m loving that aspect of it all. I feel bad for Joy as well, she clearly loves her husband but he’s being a complete dick. Of course she could be the wild card in all of this and be Jonas downfall.

    And Royce has some nerve! I guess back in the day they didn’t know much about postpartum but for him to think Jackie is crazy and needs a shrink is something else! Part of me hopes Jonas does succeed in busting them up!

    Great read!

  4. Administrator says:

    Thanks Dallas! Glad you like the Jordan/Alicia/Troy story. I hope it to be a long-range story with a lot of arcs, so stay tuned! Lana, if you remember, was featured in the second half of season 6 of The Blackthornes, at least in reference, so for those readers who already read The Blackthornes, they know what the story is with her. What will be interesting is if Joy finds out. 🙂 I agree about Royce – I think it was probably easy for people to think a woman was crazy when she was postpartum depression. Nowadays that wouldn’t fly, of course. But I also think he’s just at his wits end with her.

    Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I’ve been trying to get caught up on CD and hope to leave some comments on it soon. I’m really liking it! 🙂

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