I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!  🙂  I just finished writing the final scene of the final episode.  After two weeks of changing this and moving that around, I found that the end result wasn’t much different than when it started.  To me, that usually means it was pretty set in stone to begin with.  I wanted this episode to be about closure for a lot of characters, or about potential-closure.  I wanted there to be enough life-changing developments that it warrants this being the last episode, but nothing too dire in nature.  There’s been plenty of that already.  For anyone who may wish they’d have gotten more of a “final scene feeling” from any of the characters, I could have written a hundred pages of wrap-up for these people and it still wouldn’t have been enough, so I eventually had to cut it off somewhere.  I wanted the finale to have the sense that life goes on.  The first part of the finale was about questions answered, mysteries solved, etc, and this was the wrapup.

To me, the final scene in the series was always written in the cards.  Or in my story bible, to be more literal.  James and Brooke were the foundation of the series in the beginning, and they came close to reuniting a few times.  It only makes sense that the end would leave the reader wondering if they do get back together.  Things always end as they started, at least in my mind.  That’s why the wedding in this episode, followed by the screening of the new movie, were mirrors of the first episodes.

For now, I’m going to take a break, read a lot, work on some miscellaneous writing projects, and then probably miss the interaction and the friendship I share with other producers about our series, and start planning out a new one.  I have no idea how I could top The Blackthornes, and I don’t just want to throw down a story about the “intertwining residents of a small town filled with secrets” because that’s been done to death.  🙂  If I told you some of the ideas I have for webseries, you would never believe it in a million years. Only when I can combine all those ideas into one sprawling, epic story will I do it.

Then there is the issue of sixty-some episodes I have already written for a series I wrote prior to The Blackthornes called Moonshadows (not connected to the resort of the same name).  I uploaded the first episode onto my site a few years ago, where at the time I considered touting is as a spin-off.  Moonshadows can only be described as how Knots Landing was to Dallas.  Smaller scale, more suburban, more day-to-day activities mixed in with the intrigue.  Shady politics and general business shenanegans are featured heavily in the series, and it’s definitely more of a male-dominated series than The Blackthornes.  I’m not sure how or if I could release the series because at this point I’ve used some of the storylines, or parts of the storylines, in The Blackthornes.  It may just have to stay on the shelf indefinitely.

The Blackthornes will stay on the web in its current home.  I’ll probably change the url at some point when I do a new series, but I’ll update everyone when that happens.  If I get desperate for a project, I’ll probably do some clean-up of the site at some point. Updating bios and that sort of maintenance-type stuff.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I did want to thank my faithful readers for offering your support and feedback over the years.  It made The Blackthornes so much fun to write, especially when I started listening to readers’ opinions.  🙂  Looking forward to many more years of reading your work and enjoying the ride!



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