The Shakespearean Candidate

This episode undoubtedly had more climaxing stories than any other episode before it.  I really struggled over where to cut this episode off.  First, I had Michael’s kidnapping climax, Alex and Keaton’s climax, and the killer being revealed all at the end.  In rewrites, however, I put the latter off till the beginning of the next one.  The first scene will be very much what one would expect from me, I think.  It isn’t clear where or when the action is taking place, a gimmick I do in the premiere of every season.    

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  All That Glitters puts the cogs in motion for the finale.  Miranda decides to give Kelly a break and help her reconnect with her long-lost father.  She figures she’s got the happy ending she’s always wanted, so why shouldn’t everybody?  Even a skank like Kelly.  And I couldn’t let the series end with Miranda still living in her father’s house.  Of all the people who have lived there over the years, she’s the one who has never left.  It’s time for her to grow up, I decided, thus Eddie’s surprise purchase of their town home.  And what of Eddie’s plans to adopt Tiger as his own?  Someone may have something to say about that.  Tune in next time to find out.  🙂 

Jackie’s return was inevitable.  The surprise (hopefully) was that it doesn’t have anything to do with what one would expect (her son David’s surgery, her husband Nathan’s life being on the line, or the plentitude of secrets her father Jonas implemented before he died).  No, this is Jackie.  She comes back when an opportunity for massive wealth presents itself.  Obviously she could be in some trouble.  Does anyone think she won’t wiggle her way out of it?

I’m not sure how apparent is was to readers that Keaton was Alex’s son.  Obviously half way through this episode I more or less spelled it out.  This was a setup I’ve had in motion for years (literally).   I always had the idea that Alex had a third child.  She went as far as “slipping up” here and there throughout the course of the series and saying “my three children”.  Also, back in the season 4 finale, when she accidentally took too many pills and fell unconscious in her apartment, she was holding a photograph of a baby.  I never explained this.  Shortly after that, she decided it would be a good idea to adopt a baby (her way of making things right with the baby she gave up).  So needless to say, this was probably the longest-running storyline in the series.  I hoped to confuse (distract is a better word) the reader by insinuating Keaton was Marilee’s son, or Nathan’s son.  I’m not sure if it worked.  I know I’ve had a tendency in the past to make things a little too obvious, then when the conclusion happens, the reader is like “duh”.  LOL.   At any rate, I’m glad Alex’s secret child has finally been revealed.  The question now is, “is he a killer?” 

I still have a few scenes to write and some tweaking to do for the finale, so we’ll see how it pans out in the end.  Expect a slightly longer final episode, which I usually try not to do because I struggle with keeping them under 30 pages at it is.  But for the last one I’m going to not limit myself.  If it winds up five extra pages, I won’t beat myself up.  Just a warning to all – settle in for that longer than usual read!

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