From the Stars

Back in season 5, I started a mini arc involving Michael and his imaginary friend “Adam”.  Originally, I thought of doing a quasi-paranormal storyline that tied in with Miranda and her pregnancy (she was Michael’s primary caregiver during this time as Brooke was off being kidnapped in the jungles of Mexico).  It would eventually come out to have a reasonable explanation, obviously, as The Blackthornes has never had a supernatural element to it.  Anyway, I never got around to really getting this storyline off the ground.  Ethan came back in the finale and I just chalked the Adam thing up to a way of Michael coping with his father’s absence.  

Cut to my planning stages of season 6 where I wrote the second episode titled “From the Stars”, which was one giant Ethan flashback chronicling his life in the year and a half he’d been gone.  The title of that episode was never fully explained, other than a few hints I dropped about Emmett, the man who rescued Ethan from the earthquake, having some kind of mysterious connection to NASA.  He loaded his apocalypic bunker with NASA supplies and had weird notebooks full of complicated equations, prompting Ethan to question this, but never getting an answer.  Well, here we finally have the explanation.  Or you will by the next episode, anyway.  🙂  At the time I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if this guy came back later in the season to exact his revenge?  And wouldn’t it be cooler if “Adam” popped up again, and everyone thought Michael was projecting about his parents broken marraige, but this time it was a real person?   I’m glad to have made something out of that storyline from season five, and in a way that makes sense.  

What was even more perfect was that – without my even trying – readers seemed to think “Adam” would be connected to the storyline of The Benefactor.  I guess that’s just because of my weird infatuation with space and stars this year.   Purely coincidental. 

Not so coincidental was my placing that phrase “From the Stars” in as many episodes as I could.  The most glaring, to me, was in “Nobody Lost, Nobody Found” (the episode after Benji kills Sierra).  The scene opened with the sentence: “Glimmering reflections of light from the stars flickered across her wide open eyes that still stared up at the night sky.”  Doesn’t have anything to do with Adam or that storyline, of course.  Just another obscure reference I drop in that usually only makes sense to me. 

Trivia:  “From the Stars” is the name of a song by White Lies about a disaffected man who returns home to his father’s funeral and gets drunk in the penthouse of a hotel while brooding over their relationship and the affect the recession has had on his home town.  It sounds very Blackthornes flip-side to me.  

I really enjoyed writing this episode.  It was also very hard because for the first time I can really envision the end of the series and I can feel the tone of it.   I have the bones for the last two episodes done, but as usual they need a lot of tweaking.  I’ll probably be tweaking until the minute before the very last episode gets posted.

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