No Stone Unturned

Pretty straightforward episode I suppose.  It wound up having a little bit of an ominous feel, which was appropriate for the approaching holiday.  There’s lots of things to touch on right now and some more set up to do, which was largely what this episode was all about.  People have asked me “when are things going to start winding down?” Well, the truth is, they are winding down.  It just may not be especially visible to the reader.  Characters are having epiphany’s right and left, reflecting on their pasts and the things that make them who they are.  These are the things that I feel are important to closing down a series.   Of course there will be conclusions, revelations, reunions, and the like, as to be expected.  I think the finale will be satisfying to people who are familiar with the series.  But also, with a series that moves at the pace that The Blackthornes does, I can’t exactly start having people say their goodbye’s when there are still 4 episodes left! The action will take us through to the first part of the finale, which is going to be lots of fun to write.  I’m starting on it next week, actually.  Did I mention that?

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