Mr. Brightside

So when I outlined this episode, I was high.  When I went to write it, I was not.  I wrote all the Moonshadows and serial killer scenes first and left the scenes with Brett till the end, thinking they would be a breeze.  Originally, I intended 3/4 of the episode to center on this story, drawing in a lot more past characters than I wound up using.  When I started writing those scenes, however, none of my outline made sense!  So in the end, I only used a few of those past characters, and in just a couple of scenes.    It was really disappointing that this “great idea” I had wound up being too ridiculous for words.  So I altered it quite a bit and I think what I was left with turned out okay.  Originally, there was a whole sub plot about Magnum and his parents.  It was basically a continuation of the story I did in early season 5 where Quinn faked Magnum’s disapperance so Eddie would come in and investigate.  Quinn just wanted to get close to Eddie, hoping he would fall for her and solve their family’s money problems.  Quinn and Magnum’s father had left their mother, leaving them broke.  In this follow-up to that, it was going to be revealed that their father left because their mother was having an affair with Van.  Thus the bigger motivation for Magnum to turn Van in to the police.  Instead, I took care of all that story in one or two sentences of exposition. 

In this episode, two characters that I’ve always envisioned as so minor that I never even bothered to make bios for, are featured fairly heavily.  Van Edgewater, who first appeared in episode 75 as a friend of Benji and Blake’s, has popped up now and then over the last three seasons, usually in support of Benji’s hijinks.  It’s a little late to give him a full fledged bio now, but I always envisioned him as the guy who played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network

Next, his father, Deacon, has never really “appeared” on screen until the last episode.  His name has been dropped numerous times since the beginning of the series, though, as the CEO of Double Strike Studios, who produced some of Alex’s early films as noted in her StarLog page.  This is one of several characters that came about from my brainstorming names to plug into those StarLog pages (that haven’t been updated in forever, btw), without intentions of ever using them for actual story purposes.  (Others were Frank Dunning, Eric Autumn, Elana Hendricks, and Cassidy Solomon – who are coincidentally now all dead – LOL).  But here he is, making a real life appearance and a mini storyline of his own. 

While this little adventure of Brett’s is technically an extended way of solving his legal troubles with The Benefactor, it also has a couple of other intentions, which will be revealed in the coming episodes, and has a lot to do with how Brett’s character ends up in the series. 

I wanted to remind readers of Brett’s origins as an opportunistic con man, and as far as he’s come in six years, he’s still relatively the same.  I’ve said before that Brett is my favorite character in the series.  He’s really the one who was the most dispensible.  He has no real ties to anyone in the series (except for now that he has a daughter with Heather), so I always had to find ways to keep him around.  I like him because on the surface he’s this well-groomed, blue-eyed, blond-haired All American boy next door who looks like he could be straight from the Ivy League.  Inside, however, he’s devious.  But more than that, there’s a reason for his deviousness.  He has a daughter now whom he must provide for.  I did a flashback years ago that showed him at home with his father and his step mother and they treated him like shit.  He was young but had to leave home at an early age, resulting in him conning people to survive.  I like how far he’s come.  He took advantage of some people, but everything he has he’s earned.  He’s probably the most driven character in the series, and for the right reasons.  I’ll probably miss him the most.  One of my ideas for a new web series at one time was a spinoff featuring Brett working as a producer in the porn industry.  I don’t think that will ever happen, but I would have loved to continue writing this character. 

Lots of stuff to cover in the last 5 episodes!  But not so much that it will feel rushed or too bogged down.  I’m determined to have enough flexibility to really give everyone an appropriate send off rather than a rushed ending.   Back to writing!

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