Damnit, Jim!

For as many Scream references as I’ve made over the years in The Blackthornes, I couldn’t not drop a Scream-esqe murder sequence at some point!  And no, the killer is not going to go around in a cape and hood all the time.  This was just a fun way to tie it into the sci-fi convention. Questicon was something I’ve always wanted to do, but never seemed like a good time.  It’s pretty stripped down here and doesn’t get a lot of focus, but it amuses me that there’s this sci-fi convention going on at the same time as all these other dramatic moments.  The lawsuit against Sunset Studios, Jack being murdered, and Moonshadows being shut down all at once.  Yikes!~ This could have easily been a mid-season finale.  Only it’s not.  🙂  The scene with Q&A from the audience during Nathan’s speech was based on a hilarious SNL skit I saw from an old episode with William Shatner attending a Star Trek convention.   It made me laugh so I wanted to reference it. 

Mason’s plan, revealed in this episode, is the epicenter of events that will lead up to the finale, so I’m excited. 

With Moonshadows being closed down, I’m left without a centralized meeting place.  This is something I’ve always included in the series because it’s a staple for soaps.  It’s always a fictional place that ties characters into one setting on a regular basis.  In season 1 it was Renee’s generic “Beach Club”, in seasons 2 through 4, it was Hotel Terranova, and in 5 and 6 it was Moonshadows. 

Episodes will be released every 10 days from now through December 10th.  I’ve written ahead quite a bit these past two weeks, so I’ll have a bit of cushion.  At this rate, I should be done writing in about a month, and on to some other projects, including writing a script for an episode of a webseries filmed and produced here in Nebraska.

Next episode on the 18th!

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