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An Epic Saga Filled With Love, Lust, Revenge and Passion...



Wherever there's money and glamour, trouble can't be too far behind.  Head for the Hollywood Hills for six seasons of sex, ambition and deadly revenge, where glittering premieres, dazzling movie sets, and sun-drenched love nests share the spotlight with exclusive mansions and cavernous back lots. Behind the playgrounds of the rich and famous lies a world of lust and perversity, greed and ambition, love and danger, where gorgeous actresses and wealthy film moguls vie for top billing.  In The Blackthornes, family always comes out on top.



 "The Next Mrs. Blackthorne"


In the epic series premiere, James Blackthorne prepares to marry Brooke Taylor.  James's daughter, Miranda, causes a scene and then later rebuffs Brooke's attempt at bonding.  Distraught over the scene, Brooke turns to James's handsome nephew, Ethan, for comfort




The Blackthornes, now in its 13th year on-line, is currently no longer updated with new episodes.  However, be sure to read up on all the past adventures of your favorite characters!


Check out the legendarily interactive site-within-a-site, Starlog.  A database of films, TV shows, actors and fun trivia awaits, all centering on the key players.  


Want more Blackthornes?  Check out my BLOG for information on the series and other fun stuff.  

3/19/18: More episodes of The Blackthornes are currently in the works. Whether the episodes will take place after the 2011 series finale - disregarding the 2013 now-defunct continuation of the series - or will concentrate on the long-rumored prequel-series - or a combination of all three - is still a closely guarded secret. One thing is for certain - as art often imitates art - with so many real life television series like Will & Grace, Roseanne, The X-Files, and others, back in the forefront, all bets are off.  Virtually anything can happen. Stay tuned for more updates!

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